Herriot’s Updated Megan’s Law Address

John Herriot’s citizen issued Megan’s Law sex offender address update

Mr. Herriot Needs to Register His Angelus Oaks Address on His Megan’s Law Pedophile Profile

Angelus Oaks, San Bernardino, CA CMEN West Coast Gathering 2022 led by Megan’s Law registered gay nudist child sex offender John Herriot.

Which nudist campground will John Herriot be staying at in Angelus Oaks this summer and why isn’t this vacation address listed on his Megan’s Law profile? It appears that the notorious Mr. Herriot is trying to subvert his mandatory sex offender registration requirements by making his photo difficult to examine. One of the purposes of this website is to correct Mr. Herriot’s Megan’s Law information as required by law.

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Additionally, Mr. Herriot has continually failed to list his vacation addresses in both Whispering Oaks, Tennessee and Angelus Oaks, California where, this summer, he will be hosting a two-week gay and bisexual men’s naturism party which he calls CMEN. Oftentimes things are exactly as they seem. If CMEN sounds disgusting, that’s because it comes form the disgusting mind of registered child sex trafficker John Karl Herriot of West Hollywood, California and Boulder, Colorado.

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Herriot employs foreign nationals to assist his international gay child sex trafficking cover-up

John Herriot has Indian or Pakistani accomplices working for him these days. I met one of them when he personally served me with Herriot’s useless and unenforceable default judgment two years ago at my old apartment in West Covina. These same nefarious individuals are also suspected of attempting to unsuccessfully crack into this website. Now it appears as if they may be responsible for two suspicious Emails that hit my in box this week. Never ever respond to an unknown email. Cyber criminals can gain access to your computer much easier if you respond to their fake Emails. This type of fraudulent activity has recently been re-branded as “cat fishing” or other similarly new names for fraud. What ever you call it, it is deceptive and it is criminal. Even if this is just childish drivel from Jeff Cowan it is still fake. Whatever this Email is, it is now just free content for me to post on this gay child sex trafficking blog about CMEN.

Suspicious Email Probably Sent on John Herriot’s Behalf:

“Sir I live in Tennessee and recently had some alarming information fall in my lap. My younger brother, I am his older sister, has been staying at a property in tn owned by john karl herriott. My brother is a gay man but found out some info about this gentleman and the conviction/ time served and was disturbed.He found this out after placing a tiny home on the property. He has a more significant financial interest then those with rvs and he has been a wreck trying to figure out what he needs to do. I am a retired registered nurse and I am anything if not detail oriented and will go to great lengths to research a subject. I was mortified at all I found. It seems that this man and his accomplices have an extensive history of serial pedophilia. I cannot understand how he is able to show up to this property and others 4 days a month and for a few weeks to host his disgustingly named cmen events without registering with the state. We are in the deep south bible belt. I know the temperature of people in this area. I worry for my brothers safety if the communities surrounding Whispering Oaks knew all there is to know but I will not save him from himself if he chooses to remain. I donot want to alienate my brother but i would like to know what my options for bringing heat to this man might be. Believe me I love my brother too much to not call bullshit with him if he tries to wave this off either. I am told a group of residents are considering purchasing the campground and disassociating themselves from Horriett. Mr. Horriett has a romantic partner that lives in the community in tn and also works with special needs children. This is not appropriate at all if he holds the same beliefs as Horriett. I question it highly because he openly dresses in drag. I have hit a dead end also that is basically driving me nuts. Was the 13 year old boy David Hernandez ever found. This whole thing is sickening but I cannot simply turn a blind eye. Is there a way that we could communicate. I have 3 children. A grown son and 17 year old daughters. I’ve been educated by them on what’s at your fingertips and the risk children face with social media, easy access to some real twisted porn, etc, etc. I’ll be honest I went on some anonymous public forums in the county and surrounding communities and posted some basics, articles, photos, angeles oaks, ca, etc but it’s not getting the views i would have hoped. It’s on ede what was previously topix. It simply hasn’t had the momentum that topic services had. My name is Michelle. Would you be willing to talk to me. The Whispering Oaks website had a photo of an adult male and a boy posted on the fb page advertising a valentines event. I’m southern and straightforward. They were dumb as hell or brazenly dont care and are flaunting the whole pedophilia agenda.It’s obvious from your articles you have had some spiritual revelation and have stepped away from the scene. It’s also obvious you understand the nature of this beast. Thank you for what you’ve done.” 

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Post Office, Angelus Oaks, California

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.