Ann Bradney & David Sutcliffe:  Heal That Dr. Allen Wound!

Dr. Paul Allen had a dream that he had David Sutcliffe’s baby.  It caused a wound that remains unhealed to this day.  The birth of Dr. Allen’s dream baby caused unlicensed therapist Ann Bradney to flunk Dr. Allen, M.D. out of her Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Certification Program. The wounded dream child of David and Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN needs to be healed by Ann Bradney.  

Dream Destroyed

Dr. Allen’s dream of becoming a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner was shattered when Ann kicked him out of RACE.  Dr. Allen came to Los Angeles because Ann Bradney came to Los Angeles.  When Ann moved her practice from New York to Santa Monica Dr. Allen moved out west to study with her.  Everything happens for a reason.  Ann’s rejection freed the doctor’s calendar up to spend more quality time on my tantric sexual tutoring.  But the whole time we were together I could see how sad Paul was that Ann destroyed his dream of following in the footsteps of his idols Drs. Perriokas and Reich.

Cruising in my RV I find Dr. Allen on Silverdaddies

I was living at the beach in my RV with my dog when I met Dr. Allen on  I went to the 2010 RACE Graduation Ceremony in Malibu with the doctor.  Everybody else was passing and going on the their third year except the medical doctor.  David Sutcliffe was there, proudly beaming away as usual.  The cool good looking kids are all winning the popularity contest while Dr. Allen and I are engaged in our radical love. 


Love Light

Dr. Allen opened up my body to love.  For the first time in my life I gushed with love.  Of course it wasn’t really Dr. Paul Allen, gynecologist at large.  The love I felt was the love that was always there.  At six years sober I was finally feeling my emotions.  It just so happened that I was in bed with Shrek when my love woke up.  


Shrek and I are always on the outside looking in. 

That’s where I like it, on the outside looking inward.