Radical Discrimination

The radical discrimination of Radical Aliveness Core Energetics would deny admission to the Christ if he were to apply for training.  Ann Bradney has taken it upon herself to deem a medical doctor as ineligible for certification in her RACE program.  Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN has already passed his medical boards and graduated from an ivy league university.  What more does a licensed gynecologist need to prove to an unlicensed therapist like Ms. Bradney?  Justice demands that Dr. Allen’s civil rights be restored by Ann Bradney and Core Energetics. 

A Physician is Already Licensed

Ms. Bradney defeats the whole medical licensing system.  The doctor is already licensed in gynecology and  has a Sexological Bodyworker Certification.  All he needed was a Core Energetics Certification to practice in that specialty. Ms. Bradney denies both the consumer and other RACE students the benefit of treatment and networking with a real medical professional.  Dr. Allen believes that he can contribute to society by following in the footsteps of Dr. John Perriokas and Dr. Wilem Reich and their work in Core Energetics.  Ms. Bradney’s radical discrimination has destroyed those dreams.

Ann can’t handle Dr. Allen or myself because we are the real thing.  Wilhelm Reich had the same problem.  Jesus was executed for Christ Mind.  Ann Bradney uses her pseudo-authority to keep out anyone more talented than herself.

Reich joined the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Institute in Vienna in 1924 and became its director of training.[40] According to Danto, he was well-regarded for the weekly technical seminars he chaired at the Ambulatorium, where he gave papers on his theory of character structure, arguing that psychoanalysis should be based on the examination of unconscious character traits, later known as ego defences.[41] The seminars were attended, from 1927, by Fritz Perls, who went on to develop Gestalt therapy with his wife, Laura Perls.[42] Several commentators remarked on how captivating the seminars were and how eloquently Reich spoke. According to a Danish newspaper in 1934:


The moment he starts to speak, not at the lectern, but walking around it on cat’s paws, he is simply enchanting. In the Middle Ages, this man would have been sent into exile. He is not only eloquent, he also keeps his listeners spellbound by his sparking personality, reflected in his small, dark eyes.[43]

Looks Discrimination

Apparently Ann Bradney only wants really photogenic attendees at her Radical Aliveness Core Energetics training modules.  There were never any photographs of Dr. Allen in any of Ms. Bradney’s numerous and fabulous photographic extravaganzas on Facebook.   

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Ann Bradney Reviews

How can Ann Bradney attract so many followers with so little credentials?  In her ten years of teaching Ann has never been in an intimate relationship with a man.  Or a woman.  If Ann were ever in a relationship with another woman that would be impressive.  Ms. Bradney is a total fraud to be selling the type of services she is advertising .  To that end this website has devoted pages and pages of writing about her in this blog. 

Elder Discrimination

I have even transmuted my sexual energy into writing about Ann Bradney.  In order to fuel the hours and hours of work required to expose this charlatan I transfer my sexual energy into these words.  I offered to pay Ann for her Radical Aliveness Core Energetics workshops but she returned my money.  So I went and bought and read and studied all the Perriokas and Wilhem Reich source material and educated myself in Core.  I used to fantasize about sitting in a Third Street Promenade coffee shop reading Wilhem Reich with Ann Bradney.  Instead of coming out on the sidewalks of Santa Monica, California it is flowing out eternally in these blogs about Ann Bradney and radical discrimination against elder Dr. Allen.

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