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Unknown Caller

Anonymous Unknown Caller

This blog is for the anonymous unknown caller ID who has been calling all day. Thank you for getting my libido engaged so that I can transmute my sexual energy into digitally dicking you by writing this spontaneously erected blog.

Unknown anonymous caller is

I am sitting in King Harbor fucking you with these words and all you can do is make my iPhone 8 vibrate against my big Yogi Dick and hang up without leaving a message. I ejaculate Shiva Shakti sunlight consciousness upon your dark diseased soul.

Worms of despair eat away your brain as I laugh into the thick ocean of emotion eternally flowing from my throat chakra to encumber your bleeding face of worshipful ugliness.

The Morning After

I fell asleep around 10:00 p.m., and it is now 6:00 a.m., at Del Rey Lagoon 90293. My body is beat from yoga mat practice and so today I will take my first yoga mat day off to prepare for the first day of teacher training on Friday. Written yoga today, ha ha.  Meditation?  How childish, ha ha ha.

boy life

Now I will return to my crime fighting mode in joyful anticipation of the unknown anonymous caller vibrating my iPhone 8. The backs of my thighs are blissfully sore from healing my lower chakras. The lagoon looks better in pre-dawn darkness after the mind popping 90 degree October heat wave at the beach. Last night the fire pits at Dockweiler State Beach were spectacular. The parking lots were almost have full, that’s a hell of a lot of people for an October night.  I’m running around in cut-offs at night and I usually only wear long pants both day and night even in the middle of Summer.


Good Morning Anonymous Unknown Caller

Are you associated with gay pedophile child sex trafficking or are you a fraudulent homosexual business operator with fake UCLA credentials? Thank you for the feedback. You remind me that I need to keep the names of anonymous creeps like Jeff Cowan and the DiMino Crime Family fresh on this site.