Southern Discomfort

Anti-Gay Grand Master Resigns From Freemasonry in Georgia

Anti-gay former Grand Master of Georgia Douglas W. McDonald resigned from freemasonry for so-called “religious” reasons. This is probably a fundamentalist interpretation of the writings of New Testament author Paul, which prohibits becoming a “homosexual prostitute”. My own interpretation finds no valid religious prohibitions against homosexuals being initiated into freemasonry. Even if the brother was a homosexual prostitute I would not black ball him from affiliation with my Lodge.

Freemasons Need Consciousness Raising

The Masonic Lodge where I live recently black balled an openly gay brother’s application for affiliated membership. When I heard that I requested that the secretary withdraw my own recently submitted application for affiliation. It’s a long hard road to lift up the consciousness of this world.

anti-gay grand master resigns from freemasonry
From the State of Georgia: George McDonald, PGM