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Apollo 11 Lands in The Parking Lot of The Rose Bowl

It is important to get out and experience the journey of life, even if you don’t particularly enjoy some of the destinations. Having experienced the real Apollo 11 as an excited 12 year-old child, the Apollo 11 live-action show was a small disappointment for me. The show was 90% live actors on stage dramatizing the life of an engineer on the Apollo 11 ground crew at Houston. I was expecting to go to the Moon but instead ended up in the middle a family drama. When you read the advertising copy it says “at the Rose Bowl” but it should say, “this event is a temporary installation set up in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl.  

apollo 11 excursion
The MHC Bus at valet parking

Magic Masonic Bus

The best part of the excursion was just being out on the town on a summer afternoon. It was fun being a passenger as our new California Class C driver Hazel. Hazel expertly chauffeured us through the valet parking lanes in the comfortable MHC bus. We had new experiences and met interesting new people because because life is more about the journey than the destination. It is good to get out and meet the world where it lives.

Why Do Real Gentlemen Refrain From Forming Intimate Relationships With Opposite Members of The Hired Help?

It is bad form to latch onto the most attractive female employee nearest you. If you are a resident of a continuing care retirement community it is low class to be a vampire with the female employees. You inappropriately give yourself leverage by creating an unbalanced equation. What if you get pregnant? Then she has to fill out tons of paperwork. The man puts a strain on the female employee. It just looks bad. Kind of immature for the boy. She has to talk to the guy because it is part of her job. How much does she take before she has to walk away and say: “I have to go do my job now”. Broaden your horizons, go out and meet your companionship On The Level. If you are going to mess around with the servants, at least do it in private like Thomas Jefferson did. Thomas Jefferson was not a Freemason.

Why Do Gentlemen Remove Their Hats While Indoors?

Again, you want to meet the brothers on the level. If everyone else is wearing a hat at the dinner table, then you should wear a hat. If nobody else in the restaurant is wearing a hat, you should take your off. Meet the world where is lives.

Wearing a hat indoors is wrong for very many reasons. First of all it just looks sloppy. Wearing a baseball cap indoors makes you look like a hillbilly. Secondly, it makes you look like you are hiding something. What are you hiding? Lastly, it is a polite gesture indicating that you have reached a certain level of sophistication and refinement. Any more questions Brother?

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