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Masonic Homes Missed Multiple Opportunities to Flatten the COVID-19 Curve

I Told Jennifer We Should Have Locked Down Covina During the Union City Video Fiasco on 3-12-2020

Now that we are finally in lock down, I am staying permanently ahead of the COVID-19 curve by keeping both of my doors locked 24/7. The only people barging in on me without knocking, are Masonic Homes employees seeking non-existent trash to carry the ten feet to the trash closet. I have already notified housekeeping that I don’t want them knocking on my door asking for trash while I am resting after my sumptuous meals. I will be joyfully taking out my own garbage as usual, and I even wrote a blog about it, but apparently that isn’t going to stop them from violating my social distancing.

Anybody barging into my apartment are willful violators of social distancing as far as I am concerned. I am staying ahead of the social distancing protocols by keeping my doors locked to ensure that my social distancing is ahead of the curve, even if MHC employees are not in compliance.

Looking out my window, I just now saw fat Jeff drive away with the trash bags that contain my trash. So there was no need for third party intermediary Gayle to come into my apartment and insert herself into the trash loop.

We Need Ahead of the Curve Leaders Like Mayor London Breed of San Francisco

We need effective leadership that is ahead of the curve. Everywhere I look I see a lack of real leadership. Real leaders lead by leading, not following. San Francisco Mayor London Breed was ahead of the City of Los Angeles, State of California, and the entire rest of the country. She could end up the first woman president of the United States of America, with that kind of demonstration.

When Mayor Breed shut down five California counties in the Bay Area, that was real leadership. It sounded harsh at the time, but now we see that Mayor Breed was ahead of the pack, as the Mayor of LA, and then Governor of California, would quickly emulate her shelter in place orders. Eventually, even the Governor of New York would fall in line with Mayor Breed’s leadership.

Masonic Media Melt-Down – March 12, 2020

During the Masonic Homes Union City COVID-19 video conference melt-down on Thursday, March 12, 2020, I did not feel real leadership. I felt that my intelligence was being insulted and my time was being wasted, while the virus was gaining ground.

So I walked out on Gary Charland and told Jennifer we should just lock down Masonic Homes Covina, on our own. Then I hurried over to my apartment just in time to hear that President Trump had already declared a national state of emergency.

While I was sitting with a room full of senior citizens, I received bad information, in a defective format, from another room full of senior citizens. At least in Covina we didn’t have to share the same air as the Board of Trustees, doctors, employees and whomever else was crammed into that room at Masonic Homes Union City.

We all would have been much better off just sitting in our own apartments watching up-to-the-minute information on CNN. Why were large groups of seniors sitting packed together for a communal viewing about preventing the spread of an airborne pathogen? Even if the Union City technology was operational, no seniors should have been packed tightly into rooms together. That was a very bad idea to pack everybody close together both in Union City and Covina. It was a waste of time and it made Charland look bad. We need real scientific leadership, not long-winded regurgitation of day-old information and showy technology that doesn’t even function properly. It was painful and punitive work trying to listen to the out-of-phase and other wise defective audio. In a word, it was torture. That was the last time I will ever attend any update meeting, round table, or get on the Masonic bus. Because I don’t want give anyone the opportunity to group shame, torture or punish me. So next time, please just send your live stream to my personal digital device.

Next time the Masonic Homes Board of Directors should allow us watch the video conference/meeting individually, in the safety of our own apartments. Don’t try to talk your way out of it because these seniors are very tech savvy. The few that are not cyber literate will be provided for, I promise. I can hear your arguments against me in my head already, but Union City is the one with bad technology and outdated information, not the 100 year old WWII veterans we have here at MHC. These old geezers know computers. Be a technology leader and allow your Brother Freemasons to practice social distancing and stay at home by using their smart TV’s, tablets, and other digital devices.

This is a blog about missed opportunities for effective leadership. If Masonic Homes is ahead of the disease vector prevention curve, then we all look good. Plus, we get to stay alive. We get to look good and stay alive. What could be better?

MHC could have also been way ahead of the curve by allowing me to place Bro. Steve Hawkins in isolation for his high volume projectile sneezing in the community dining hall. Leadership means action.

Over two weeks ago, on March 4th, I started washing my hands obsessively just like my idol, Howard Hughes, and I even wrote a blog about it.

washing my hands just like howard hughes did
Howard Hughes was a man who knew how to properly scrub his hands clean

This desire of mine to eradicate the novel corona virus is purely selfish. I need things to get back to normal so that I may bask in the warm applause of my community.

My only problem with social distancing, is that I cannot shake hands anymore. Many of the elderly Brethren want to shake my hand for committing my felonious assault and battery upon Bro. Michael Magliato. Others want me to notify them of any new and upcoming assaults upon Magliato so that they may obtain voyeuristic pleasure by watching me pummel him.

When Bro. S.D. first stuck out his hand for me to shake, I declined due to COVID-19 evasion protocols, but then when he kept his hand outstretched as I was recounting my little donnybrook, I eventually did shake his hand.

Even though my goal is to be ahead of the curve on social distancing, I just can’t resist a fleshy hand shake or a vibrating high five from the Brethren for throwing soup on Magliato.

Therefore, my ego needs things to get back to normal as soon as possible, while I am still hot. I need the emotional gratification of having my fans continue to congratulate me. What good is being a winner if you can’t shake some friendly hands and kiss a few bubbling babies?

Masonic Homes Covina Could Have Been Ahead of the Curve by Letting Me Isolate Bro. Hawkins For His Projectile Sneezing

Last week, I was ahead of the COVID-19 prevention curve when I forcibly picked up Bro. Steve Hawkins breakfast table setting from his regular place in the dining hall. Hoisting everything up and spilling his cranberry juice on the white table cloth, I moved everything into the Hospitality Room, adjacent to the main dining hall.

My actions were taken in order to prevent his high volume sneezing from infecting any of the senior citizens present. I even sent MHC management a COVID-19 Memo about this problem. But instead of allowing me to isolate the offensive Mr. Hakins, MHC employee Gabby refused to let me move his place setting, ergo, Hawkins himself, into isolation. Gabby stated that she is in charge of the place settings.

Think how good Gabby would have looked if she had of allowed MHC to be a week ahead of the COVID-19 disease vector curve. Last night in his daily update Mayor Garcetti said: “If you think you are being too careful, increase your safety precautions a few levels and be ahead of the curve.”

MHC is A Consumer Controlled Community

In my opinion, Gabby does not control the place settings at Masonic Homes Covina in situations such as this. According to the law, MHC is a consumer controlled facility. When we are in a national state of emergency, my position is that the consumer controls the community. We need people who can lead by doing. The people do not need another blow-hard like the imbecile we currently have as the so-called leader of our country. Words mean something to me and before this thing is over words will mean something to everyone again.

During my time in blissful isolation I will be researching this matter in depth. Next time we are in an emergency situation like COVOD-19, and I tell Jennifer that we should lock it down, we are going to lock MHC down, just to be ahead of the curve. Think how good everyone at MHC will look when we are one week ahead of the disease vector prevention curve.

mhc misses chance ahead of the curve
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