Cowan’s Court Ordered Havasu Mental Health Treatment

The Arizona Mental Health Court has Jurisdiction of Cowan Until 2024

Level 1 registered gay sex offender Jeff Cowan is so crazy that he will be undergoing state monitored treatment for his paranoid schizophrenia. Mr. Cowan is facing the possibility of being involuntarily committed to a locked psychiatric ward. The Arizona Mental Health Court Mandate Ordered on November 18, 2021 will be in effect until November 18, 2024, when Cowan is 70 years-old.

The cops and citizens of Lake Havasu City can rest assured that Jeff Cowan will not be threatening, bullying or harassing anyone for a while. If Cowan steps out of line and violates his probation, he goes back to prison. Either way, breaking the law has proven to be very expensive for criminal defendant Jeffrey Cowan. Mr. Cowan is facing the possibility of eventually becoming destitute and homeless. Maybe a court ordered involuntary conservatorship would be the best solution to Cowan’s inability to care for himself.


Look at the hefty fines Cowan was assessed for his latest criminal exploits. The court fines and fees alone were $2,720. Plus Jeff has to pay for his mental health treatment at the Mediterranean Health Clinic on Acoma. Jeff should not be using a public defender when he brags about how well off financially that he is. The Mental Health Court does not have a branch in Havasu and so Jeff has to drive all the way to Phoenix for the nearest branch office.

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Jeff should have stayed in Cathedral City, California

The good thing about a red state like Arizona is that conservative people don’t like smart-assed criminals running around stealing and fighting. The Arizona judicial system had to make an example of recent California transplant Jeffrey Robert Cowan. Jeff thought that he was going to flee to Arizona and continue to harass law enforcement officers like he did in California.

havasu crime rate statistics

Instead of being allowed to continue his harassment, the state of Arizona jailed, fined, and ordered Cowan into treatment for his severe psychosis. Plus Jeff is on probation until 2024 so he can go back to jail in a heartbeat. Jeff is finally being taught a lesson. Thank you Arizona justice!

What if criminals in Nevada saw Cowan getting away with threatening cops? Criminals in Nevada would assume that they could move to Arizona and bully police officers. This is why Cowan had to be made an example of. John Herriot and the Community of Men Enjoying Naturism are watching this case very closely. The Arizona Courts have done the right thing by protecting the people of Arizona from CMEN.

Tenants Stand Up to Psychopathic Havasu Landlords

Pathological people supposedly make up ten percent of the population. Psychotics can be found on every strata of society from local dope dealers to global warlords. Writing these blogs has real value to me because I think it is important to warn people about unscrupulous Havasu landlords like Jeff Cowan. If I can prevent one potential tenant from renting from Cowan, then I have succeeded. The problem is that most of Jeff Cowan’s roommates do not investigate their new landlord until they have already taken up residence at 2617 Titan Lane. By then it is too late and the only thing that the unfortunate victim can do is move out before Cowan inflicts severe emotional distress.

Jeff Cowan Fails Background Screening

Based upon the forgoing, it is recommended that Jeff Cowan fail all background and personality tests required to teach in public or private educational institutions. As a gay registered sex offender with bad credit and a terrible personality, Mr. Cowan is on the national Do Not Hire registry. A dog as old as Cowan can never learn new tricks. Same thing goes for Vladimir Putin. Both of these sick dogs need to be put down before they cause any further damage.

Just Say No to Thugs

People of the planet are learning to stand up to bullies like Jeff Cowan and Vlad Putin. Silence is compliance in the face of schizophrenics like Cowan and Putin. Stand up to bullies wherever you may encounter them. Why do bullies bully? Because they think that they can get away with it. Show your local bully that he is wrong by standing up to him with a gun or with a blog. March madly in the streets for hugs not thugs.

hysterical havasu homosexual

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.