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Where can Arizona vigilantes find child sex criminals to investigate?

Arizona vigilantes can find Lake Havasu criminals by following John Herriot, child baseball uniform salesman, and his partner Jeff Cowan, CPA. The public front for their child sex trafficking business is called Community of Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) and their Arizona office is located at 2617 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, Arizona. During the summer when it gets too hot in the desert most business is conducted at their Los Angeles location, 7903 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood Heights, California 90046. Child sex trafficking vigilantes will find Herriot’s name listed in offender directories, however his accountant Cowan is not listed.

If you are an usher at a Lake Havasu City movie theatre then be on the lookout for the theatre hopping Mr. Cowan. This rip off artist likes to pay for one movie ticket to see three movies. He hops in and out of Lake Havasu City movie theatres all afternoon. When Cowan had lots of money he would steal from multiplex theatres and so now that his funds are dwindling he must be really scamming free movie admission. Now Cowan must be purchasing one movie ticket and hiding out in the theatre all day and night. After Jeff fritters away all of his money he will probably end up living in desert movie theatres.

Jeff Cowan deleted his Facebook account on February 18, 2022. He probably found all of his selfies that I have appropriated from Facebook and used for wanted posters on this website:

arizona vigilantes find criminals havasu movie theatres
WANTED: Theatre hopping Havasu homosexual

Jeff Cowan is on summary probation in two states and any contact with law enforcement will send him to prison to finish his sentence.

Mr. Cowan is a Level 1 registered sex offender who is on summary court probation in Riverside County, CA and Mojave County, AZ. Cowan is on psychiatric medication for paranoid schizophrenia which causes him to drool and jump at the sight of his own shadow. Although this wretch is obviously mentally ill, he is not really that dangerous. That’s why he threatens and bullies with letters, right? If cowardly Jeff Cowan were really dangerous he would just knock people out instead of sending threatening letters and filing small claims lawsuits against peace officers.

Mr. Herriot is a Level 3 registered child sex offender with a childlike personality that resembles autism. Herriot is also mentally ill in that his sexual ideation is for prepubescent boys and he acts on it. Ergo, these registered sex offenders are not dangerous to adults, they only harm young boys.

Jeff Cowan cannot stand to be alone with himself at home and so he needs to be constantly finding new members of the general public to infect himself upon. Cowan is known to frequent gay karaoke bars and movie theatres. Mr. Cowan may be attempting to procure employment as a substitute school teacher or community college accounting instructor. Professor Cowan is the most financially illiterate accountant in existence because he has no income, owns two cars, and gets cited by the police for driving without automobile insurance.

lake havasu city criminal jeff cowan arizona driver license

John Herriot prefers the desert because at one time he was able to hide out there. However now his CMEN organization and youth league baseball uniform business have become public knowledge thanks to my investigation. Coach Herriot drives a white, late model Dodge Grand Caravan minivan to transport his youth league baseball uniforms and team.

Cowan & Herriot both inherited their money

Jeff inherited a substantial sum of money from his late parents when they passed. Mr. Cowan is an expert at making a small fortune, he took a large one and whittled it down into a small one. In 2017 Jeff owned two condominiums. One was located in the cool breezes of Harbor City in the fabulous South Bay. The other was a beautiful architectural villa with a stunning view in Palm Springs. Like a total moron, Jeff sold them both. First Jeff ran to Cathedral City and then he absconded to the bright red Republican village of Lake Havasu City. In the past year Jeff Cowan has probably spent upwards of $100,000 in criminal attorney fees. This shoplifting, harassing, fighting, lewd conduct engaging moron is probably the laughing stock of Havasu by now. A big ugly catfish in a tiny little pond. Those alcohol fueled ski boat rednecks will eat Jeff up alive.

deleted facebook post jeff regrets leaving cathedral city and moving to lake havasu city az
Jeff deleted his Facebook account 2-18-2022

Arizona Vigilantes Can Locate Registered Sex Offenders Theatre Hopping in Havasu Movie Theatres and Gay Karaoke Bars

Jeff Cowan is a big fan of purchasing one movie ticket and stealing three or four movies. He will be easy to spot in a small town like Havasu. Jeff is a big fat ugly gay Jew who stands out like the village idiot in a place like Jeremy’s Juke Joint. Cowan is the type of social pariah who constantly needs new strangers to infect himself upon.

Mr. Cowan will tell you that he loves to “piss people off.” Jeff likes to wear loud visually offensive costumes such as Hawaiian shirts and American flag prints. Jeff likes to steal, threaten and bully.

The bad news is that Cowardly Cowan thinks that putting a one dollar bill in the KJ’s tip jar is a real tip. In other words Cowan is the cheapest customer in the gay Karaoke bar. Mr. Cowan was permanently 86’d from Diggs gay Karaoke bar in Palm Springs.

Jeff spent a lot of time and energy making enemies in California. Just ask Brian Woodhouse, President of the Camino del Sol Homeowners Association. Ask Jeff’s former Camino del Sol neighbor and realtor Pat Cook about what a degenerate Cowan is. Jeffrey Robert Cowan did not move to Arizona, he fled from California.

arizona vigilantes find criminals havasu car lots
Deep Cover Arizona Vigilantes Needed

If you were an enterprising undercover Arizona vigilante you could always pose as a tenant and rent a room from Jeff Cowan at 2617 Titan Lane. That way you could be a major assistance to my investigation of this danger to the public. Jeff is so psychotic that he will never know suspect a thing.

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Digital Desert Vigilantism

Since I am located in Los Angeles, I use these blogs to reach out to the public for community investigation assistance. This is called Community Virtual Vigilance. Cowan and Herriot are a blight upon the land. This blog has severely curtailed Herriot’s ability to conduct his child trafficking business. Thanks to the publication of these blogs being found and read by the good citizens of Hohenwald, Tennessee, John Herriot is now a registered sex offender in two states.

cmen community of men enjoying naturism cmen founder john herriot

Finding Lake Havasu criminals is my community service that pays me with good karma. You can do it do! Find criminals in your town by using open source tools like sex offender registries. If anyone is spreading lies about you, Google their name quick. That’s how I found out that John Herriot was convicted of raping a nine year-old Mexican boy near Dodge Stadium.

Mr. Herriot created a lie that there was an unwritten restraining order preventing me from moving about freely. So I did a little research to find out that John Karl Herriot is the real criminal. It’s the thief that cries the loudest. Find criminals easily by Googling anyone who acts like an asshole. Arizona vigilantes find criminals on this website by searching for gay child sex traffickers grooming children using baseball.

find lake havasu city criminals

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.