FACT CHECK: Did Arson Really Destroy the Masonic Hall in Wright City, Oklahoma?

Freemasons for Dummies Reports Oklahoma Masonic Temple Destroyed by Arson Fire

Currently there are no other news reports to cross-reference the alleged arson of the Masonic Temple in Wright City, OK on Thursday, June 4, 2020, as reported by Freemasons for Dummies. I made a few cursory attempts but came up with nothing. I will keep trying to verify that any type of a fire even occurred at this location. This story appears to be bogus.

Freemasons for Dummies:

By Christopher Hodapp – The Masonic temple of Wright Lodge No. 483 in Wright City, Oklahoma was destroyed Thursday night (June 4, 2020) by fire. According to a message from the Grand Secretary of Oklahoma, Bobby L. Laws, PGM, a “fire source” was thrown through the front window of the building. The arson attack reportedly happened at about midnight. The message states that the area Fire Marshall is looking into the incident. Photos of the damage have been circulated on Facebook today.

burned out masonic temple wright city oklahoma

Why Did the Freemasons Choose Albert Pike for the Honor of Being Immortalized in Washington, D.C.?

The Freemasons could have chosen anyone and yet they chose a Confederate General to represent them. Many Freemasons were also Northern abolitionists, why wasn’t a Masonic anti-slavery figure chosen to be immortalized in a 27′ statute in our nations capital? Why did the Freemasons participate in the rehabilitation of systemic racism after the Civil War? Now we have a homeless Confederate General whom nobody wants.

Homeless Confederate General Albert Pike
How Will Freemasonry Address Past Racism?

Will Freemasonry take advantage of this national moment to honestly address topics such as the racism that created Prince Hall Freemasonry? Usually when the Freemasons run an article on Prince Hall Masonry they do not state the reason for Prince Hall’s existence. Prince Hall Freemasonry was created by Blacks who were prohibited from being initiated into Colonial Lodges. Regular Freemasonry seems to intentionally mislead by portraying Prince Hall as chartered by the Grand Lodge of California.

There are only two Black Freemasons in my jurisdiction that I am aware of. One is a physician at my Lodge and the other is a personal friend that I knew before I became Freemason. My black amigo was rejected by my Lodge, but he became associated in to my Lodge when two Lodges consolidated. Was my Black friend rejected by my Lodge because he is Black?

fall of albert pike

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