June 30, 2018 UPDATE |  It is difficult to keep up with the antics of the DiMino Crime Family. Therefore my menu bar pages have been updated with this new Art DiMino Slander & Defamation page.  Arthur DiMino may (or may not) now using his father’s name Angelo Dimino.  I have found a wealth of new information on Eydie Poague or Pogue and the DiMino Organization on TruePeopleSearch.com.


Mr. Marcus Bastida, Esq.
Parker Stanbury LLP

RE: John Herriot Litigation
       DiMino Child Molestation Rumors

         Your File Number: 3834893

Dear Mr. Bastida:

Time to address the DiMino child molestation rumors your client John Herriot continues to spread about me. Please be advised that I will vigorously defend against any DiMino child molestation allegations contained in any lawsuit you may file.  As far as I know the DiMino’s were ordered by the Los Angeles Police Department to cease and desist their vicious lies about me.  Mr. & Mrs. DiMino unlawfully spread vicious rumors about me which follow me to this day and I want it to stop. The DiMino’s are simply gossipers just like the gay men in CMEN.  Gay men in semen?

Your client John Herriot is a registered child sex trafficker and so you know how to look up an offender’s name on the Megan’s Law website. I told the DiMino’s to look me up and I told the neighbors on Apperson Street to look me up on Megan’s Law but they never did. The DiMino’s know that Dean McAdams is not sexually attracted to children. The DiMino’s were in a sexless marriage and they transmuted the life of Dean McAdam’s into their sexual outlet. The DiMino child molestation rumors gave neighbor’s Kramer and Elvira Dunkle something to talk about. The Dunkles told Deidra Mertz and she told a few dozen gossip hungry neighbors. These vicious rumors are having an impact upon my life and now you are exacerbating my problems.


dimino child molestation photo

Don’t believe anything negative Art DiMino or his family say about Dean McAdams

The DiMino Child Molestation Rumors Are Not the Reason Dean McAdams Moved Out of Tujunga

The reason I sold my former marital residence at 10247 McClemont Ave., Tujunga, CA 91042 was due to my divorce. I was not in a position to properly address the DiMino child molestation issues at the time.  In 2003 my mother was dying of breast cancer, I left my job at Safeco, I had to paint and fix-up the house to sell, and deal with the DiMino’s harassment. I tried to put this bullshit behind me. I moved to Malibu and started a new life. You don’t have to like me but you can’t tell lies about me. I think Art is a little off for having his first child at age 59 but I’m not going to run around the neighborhood spreading vicious lies that he is a satan worshipping child sacrifice ritualist.  

My heretofore silence regarding your client’s false accusations of restraining orders are not to be interpreted as deeming them admitted.  Your client’s allegations of restraining orders and child abuse are an attempt to ostracize me from the community in order to silence my voice. 

While you are drafting your harassment lawsuit against me please try to be objective. Written apologies from Mr. Herriot and the DiMino crime family could go a long way to prevent a long and drawn out court battle.  Why make me prove that Art DiMino is a fraud?

If you file a lawsuit against me I will file an anti-SLAPP motion that will expose the false Kenyon restraining order and DiMino child molestation accusations made by this conspiracy of dunces. If you did make it past my anti-SLAPP defenses I would cross-complain against your client and also add the DiMino’s as cross-defendants.

Please advise your client to keep this in mind when threatening to sue me.

Dean McAdams
Investigative Blogger
Palm Springs, CA