Art Dimino

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Art DiMino and His Wife Eydie Poague Slandered and Defamed 

Art DiMino moved to San Diego and blamed it all on his neighbors.  Art DiMino calls himself The Pool Nanny in Northern San Diego County, California.  An unskilled pool cleaning laborer, in a city located right next to Mexico?  There are probably Mexicano pool cleaners popping up out of the pool drains in a place like San Diego.  Art DiMino used to be a carpenter who lived behind me on Helendale Avenue in Tujunga, California.  Art says that what he really wants to do in life is be a photographer.  Right?  Isn’t this a stunning self-portrait of Art, his new wife Kim and baby Victor?  Notice how Arthur is striving to put his best face forward for the camera and all the world to see.  I can just see Artie setting the timer on his fancy Hasselblad camera and then running back to sit next to Kim and Victor and professionally sticking his face out.  Professional Selfie Photographer Art Dimino.  Arthur is really one good looking motherfucker isn’t he?  He should have been an actor! Thanks for the photograph Arthur.  Why did you suddenly stop posting Kim’s fake pregnancy photographs of your fake life on on Facebook?

Slander & Defamation in Tujunga, CA

In 2003 Art and his wife Eydie manufactured lies out of whole cloth and went door-to-door creating vicious rumors about me.  I took Greg and Jenna Green to the Los Angeles Police Department and had the kids tell the cops the story.  The LAPD told Art and Edye DiMino to shut the fuck up and stop doing what they were doing.  While this was all happening my mother was dying and I was in the process of selling my former maral residence due to divorce.  When I sold 10247 McClemont Avenue and moved Art DiMino and his wife kept running their mouths and telling lies.  I moved because I closed escrow on December 26, 2003 and for no other reason.  I moved from Tujunga to go to Milestones Ranch Malibu and turn my life around.  

Who’s Next?

I should have sued Art and Eydie DiMino in 2004 except that I was too busy making good things happen in my life. 

Why is a Private Citizen Prosecuting Child Sex Offenders?

Now I am taking the time and work to set the story straight about Art DiMino and his egregious conduct.

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Michelle Barone

After escrow on 10247 McClemont closed I lived in Tujunga in my little Class C RV for a few weeks before I got up the nerve to check into Milestones and recover from my alcoholism.  One day in the parking lot of Von’s on Mt. Gleason I ran into Michelle Barone.  Michelle didn’t have the nerve to come out and say it but I could tell something was up with her the way she was smirking and saying my name “Dean” as if I were missing something.  She didn’t have the honesty to come out and say exactly what she meant.  I have seen the same look on Diedre Mertz and Rude Rob Sherwood.  None of them have the decency to verbalize it.  Probably because they all know deep down inside the DiMino rumor is not true.  When these awful encounters occur I often don’t realize what they are insinuating until days or years later.  Neither Art nor Eydie or anyone every said anything to me except Eydie shouting lies at me over our backyard fence.  

Bye Bye Arthur

Michelle Barone passed away a few years after that and she never got a chance to read this blog explaining how Art DiMino’s lies have impacted my life.  My father was really angry at Art and his family for what they did with their viscous rumors.   My Dad told me to sue all of my neighbors but I decided not to and I think that was probably a big mistake because Art and Eydie DiMino needed to be shut up fifteen years ago.  My Mom or Dad never got to read these blogs but I’m sure they would have gotten a kick out of reading about how I am setting the story straight!  

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