The Rumor Nanny

Art DiMino Pool Nanny created a series of neighborhood rumors about me because his wife disapproved of my charity work serving underprivileged children.  I should have sued the DiMino Crime Family in 2003.  Instead I moved on to a new and better life.  June 30, 2018

UPDATE | I just created a new slander and defamation page to tell the story of Art and Eydie DiMino creating vicious rumors, spreading lies and being responsible for Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood gossip on Helendale and McClemont Avenues.  Is Art DiMino now using his father’s name Angelo Dimino?  I have found a wealth of new information on Eydie Poague and the DiMino Organization on  The purpose of this website is to tell the neighborhood that I sold my former marital residence in order to finalize my divorce and that the only reason I sold 10247 MClemont on December 26, 2003 is because I made a windfall $130k on the deal.  I left Tujunga to start a new and better life at Milestones Ranch Malibu and then become the caretaker on a 26 acre estate known as Villa Esperanza on Triunfo Canyon Road in Agoura Hills, California. 

The Art DiMino Pool Nanny Conspiracy

My liberation depends upon forcing Art DiMino to retract his vicious rumors about me in Tujunga, California.  This sixty year-old swimming pool cleaner in San Diego is spreading lies and creating rumors that his neighbors are child molesters.  That is the specific word Mr. DiMino uses.  Although there is a particularly heinous class of crime legally referred to as child sex trafficking, DiMino is apparently unaware of that term.  The purpose of this article is to notify the Art DiMino Pool Nanny Crime Family that none of his neighbors are currently on the Megan’s Law Website as human traffickers. Therefore DiMino should immediately stop spreading rumors about Dean McAdams. 

The Art DiMino Pool Nanny Business Model

Art and his wife Edye or Edie or Eyde or Eddie Spaghetti, whatever the androgynous hate-spewing sexless rumor mongering name the trouble maker goes by, are under the false impression that they can just go around lying to neighbors. It is illegal to disseminate private information about your neighbors. If you believe a crime is being committed, then by all means immediately dial 911.  However if you see Dean McAdams talking to inquisitive, engaging children on his private property, you cannot make up lies about people connecting and enjoying life.

Who Is the Criminal?

Art DiMino Pool Nanny may want to take a closer look at himself while he is attempting to hold other people down with his lies. Who the hell in their right mind has a child at age 60 and then goes around complaining about his neighbors?  Clint Eastwood had a kid when he was an old man but Clint has the resources to provide for a child. How the hell is Art DiMino Pool Nanny going to provide a college education for a kid when he is 80 years old?  Art will probably say to the kid, you don’t need college Victor, you can just tell our pool cleaning customers that all the other pool cleaners are child molesters.

Los Angeles Police Department

When Art and his wife Eydie started all these totally false unbelievable disgusting rumors, I was in the process of selling my home.  I moved to Malibu and reinvented my life.  The Los Angeles Police Department ordered Art DiMino Pool Nanny to stop telling the neighbors lies. The LAPD told Art DiMino Pool Nanny to stop being an ignorant criminal and use the Megan’s Law Website to investigate their petty little complaints.  Now I have put the Art DiMino Crime Family on my list of defendants for a civil rights complaint including causes of action for defamation of character and libel. 


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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.