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Meal Ticket

Have you ever wished that you could skim some money off the pond scum who have slandered your reputation? Everybody needs a meal ticket. Last night I had a dream that I was in my old backyard on McClemont Avenue in Tujunga when Eydie Poague brushed forcefully past me and said “Yeah, I’m here, but I’m leaving to become a San Diego Pool Nanny.” This blog is my kundalini yoga white tantra purging of the DiMino Crime Family from my subconscious mind.

san diego pool cleaner

San Diego Pool Nanny

Art and Eydie DiMino have very strong opinions on child welfare. I know because they have made my life miserable with their malicious rumor creation and gossip at 10244 Helendale. If child welfare is so important to Art DiMino then why did he have a baby while supporting himself as a sixty year-old San Diego Pool Nanny? There must be potential pool cleaners popping up out of pool drains in a place so close to Mexico as San Diego! It seems financially stupid to be a fucking pool cleaner down in Diego. Why did Artie move so far away from his friends and family in Tujunga? Would he be embarrassed to have people see him working as a Sunland-Tujunga Pool Nanny?


So Exactly Where Does the Money Come From?

The money begins flowing when you provide enough value to the universe that there is no other option than for you to receive positive energy from your efforts. The important thing is to do the work. Maybe at some point the DiMino Crime Family will eventually be persuaded to perform research on the Megan’s Law website before they try and take matters into their own hands.


Follow Your Bliss

You never know exactly where the money will come from. Maybe someone will bestow you with a MacArthur Genius award. The important thing is to provide value by warning people of the dangers of spreading lies and rumors in funky Tujunga, California.


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