Aspirin really is the miracle drug.

This year I would like to express my thankfulness for the simple and effective pain and fever reliever known as aspirin. Aspirin is the miracle drug that can relieve my pain from Myasthenia gravis better than anything else. Two uncoated aspirin dissolved under the tongue can relive many different types of pain that other pain relievers cannot.

Generic aspirin is my favorite kind

My preference is for whatever generic uncoated aspirin is available for the cheapest price. My unauthorized use of the Bayer product photography is to lend a historical perspective to this Thanksgiving blog for the medical miracle known as aspirin.

Be careful not to ingest too many aspirin because you can get anemic and queasy for a couple of hours. In order to prevent aspirin overdose I fell in love with blue Ibuprofen gel caps for relief from shingles pain. Six years ago I was taking so many Ibuprofen gel caps that it may have contributed to my near fatal heart attack. That was before I had a doctor smart enough to prescribe gabapentin (Neurontin) for my post herpetic neuralgia. So forget Ibuprofen and stick with aspirin and gabapentin for severe neuralgia and Myasthenia gravis.

bayer aspirin is the miracle drug

External application is expensive

My web guru Marcus K. even had me grinding up aspirin with a mortar and pestle and applying aspirin poultices to relieve my post herpetic neuralgia. Aspirin poultices work great but they use up a lot of time and aspirin. Aspercreme spray works excellent for nerve pain but it gets to be rather expensive compared to dissolving two generic aspirin tablets underneath your tongue.

Aspirin kills Myasthenia Gravis pain better than Neurontin

For a long time I thought I was suffering from post herpetic neuralgia for years after my initial shingles outbreak. But it turns out I probably have the autoimmune disorder known as Myasthenia gravis. I have self-diagnosed my MG because my neurologist needs an MRI and my insurance company keeps denying his request for diagnostic imaging. So I am chronicling my health with this blog to leave a few clues as to how I eventually pass away from this material plane of existence.

My current level of pain from MG probably qualifies me for a fentanyl patch but I am holding out for the fake heroin before I slide down that long slippery slope. Right now I am getting by on the aforementioned gabapentin and now amitriptyline for MG pain, with a little help from two aspirin before bedtime. Although tempted, I am holding off from taking aspirin during the daytime. I want to save my beloved aspirin for going to sleep easily at night. Some day I will need stronger drugs. Therefore in preparation for my ever increasing pain and eventual demise from MG I am currently reading Fentanyl, Inc., by Ben Wescott.

fentanyl, inc
Fentanyl is artificial heroin made from chemicals instead of opium poppies

Fentanyl is not made from opium poppies like natural heroin. Fentanyl was created in a commercial laboratory by a Belgian chemist creating profitable products for his employer. Legitimate fentanyl used as prescribed by a physician can be an effective means of relieving severe pain. Abuse occurs when fentanyl tablets are crushed up and snorted or injected intravenously. Drug addicts seeking the ultimate high will cut open a fentanyl patch, scoop out the fentanyl gel and smoke it. I am looking forward to the day when I will legitimately use fentanyl products as directed by a pain doctor. Until then perhaps I will try smoking some good old-fashioned aspirin.

bayer aspirin is the miracle drug