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Love Song For Astrid

I Became a Freemason Thanks to Astrid H Cutting My AA Umbilical Cord

One of the most important things to know about the Royal Art of Freemasonry is that it is extremely time consuming. Most Brethren spend infinitely more time involved with the craft than I do. Marriages sometimes become stressed due to the husband’s time away from home at his Masonic Lodge. I have heard of Brethren even getting divorced because of the time demands of obtaining degrees in Freemasonry. If it wasn’t for Astrid H, then I myself might have been too busy with AA to ever become a Master Mason.

One night in 2004 Astrid H appointed herself my AA sponsor even though she has less time sober than I do. So we got to know each other pretty well as friends. In 2008 people like Gene T. at the Spirit of Studio 12 in North Hollywood, California used to say that Astrid and I acted like an old married couple. We were two broken souls joined together in pure spiritual treatment our mental illness. I never touched the bitch. Honest. You gotta believe me. I never lie . . .

So thank God when my sobriety sister Astrid kicked me out of Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous so that I could find the time to become a Freemason. I was sober then like I am now but Astrid H got pissed when I fired her as my sponsor. That was career suicide because scorning Astrid H killed my chances of ever becoming famous in AA. Like everyone else with a few years of sobriety I wanted to become a celebrity circuit speaker in Alcoholics Anonymous. Everybody I was hanging out with was becoming an AA big wig except for me. In yet another miracle of recovery God healed me from the desire to become another Primetime AA messiah.

Unending Miracles

When Astrid cut my umbilical cord I suddenly had lots of free time on my hands. Suddenly I had the freedom to make bad decisions like starting my own paralegal business. A paralegal should never work directly with consumers because it puts the public at risk. It is a miracle that I didn’t end up prison for practicing law without a license.

However I also had the freedom to make excellent choices such as becoming involved with the Agape Metaphysical Church in Culver City, California where I discovered Bro. Joel S. Goldsmith. After a lifetime of seeking I stopped searching after discovering the Infinite Way.

dharma black german shepherd jumping over fire

Hand Of God

Wandering around with my black German shepherd named Dharma and lots of free time on my hands I spent a weekend meditating in the desert and reading Goldsmith. When I got back to L.A. on Monday morning and told my mail clerk what I had been up to over the weekend he said: “I think I may have something called the Masons that you might be interested in.” I told him that I had always wanted to check out the Masons. He went on to say that the Freemasons take good men and make them better and so I said “I’ll sign up for that!” and I did. I went to the very next stated meeting and asked a PGM for an application to join the Lodge.

secret masonic ritual
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