POSITIVE & VIOLATING QUARANTINE: The Hypocritical & Selfish Maskless Mason

Did Masonic Homes of Covina Trump supporter & asymptomatic positive resident with no mask Bro. D.A. infect deceased Brethren B.P., C.D. or R.H?


Below is a selected section from the top of page three of the Monday, December 28, 2020 Campus Update Zoom Meeting transcription. Bro. D.A. has evidently tested positive for the coronavirus and is greedily requesting another test four days later. Simply because he has has no symptoms he wants to violate CDC protocols. This authoritarian Brother doesn’t want the nurses to deliver the limited food nurses can bring. The fat pig wants to be fed by the nice cart loaded with desserts that the regular dining staff. Bro. D.A. was outside his apartment cooking food on a portable gas stove on Sunday, January 10, 2021. Did Masonic Homes Covina Trump supporter & asymptomatic positive resident with no mask Bro. D.A. infect deceased Brethren B.P., C.D. or R.H?

He is my next door neighbor and he frequently violates CDC guidelines. Is this asymptomatic positive resident with no mask is going to infect and kill me also?

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Ask The Brethren in Covina

Grand Lodge and the Fraternity of Freemasonry may look at this posting and wonder why I would write such a thing about a Brother Mason. Perhaps you should ask a few of the Brethren in private when you are eventually able to return to the beautiful natural paradise in Covina.

Trumpist Authoritarianism

Bro. D.A. exercises authoritarian control over the Brethren. By locking the multimedia cabinet and maintaining tight fisted control of the audio-video remote control he creates an unpleasant Trumpist atmosphere. He refuses to let the community listen to Christmas music. It was so beautiful to hear Christmas music during the pandemic because somebody else other than D.A. now has control of the multimedia cabinet in the dining hall.

It is particularly unpleasant to hear him broadcasting his red state republican opinions at breakfast in the quiet of the early morning. D.A. is like the pain in your chest that you keep ignoring until it kills you. I would really like to be informed of the contact tracing that leads to the person who infected our deceased Brethren.

problem is judy figueroa not asymptomatic positive resident with no mask
Bro. Mason D.A. intentionally goes outside every day with no mask as his pro-Trump political statement. The problem is that Masonic Homes Executive Director Judy Figueroa fails to apply the Rule of Law and relocate D.A. (PHOTOGRAPH: Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2019 – Masonic Home at Covina, California)