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What is My Hypocritical Nemesis Hiding? 

One thing I have learned is that whenever anyone is attacking me, they have something to hide. Libby Dya Kaur Lydecker made a big deal about kicking me out of the Kundalini yoga religion. Okay, I’m out. But what does the world need to know about my hypocritical adversary Libby Lydecker? Exactly what are her allegations? Will Dya Kaur file a formal complaint with a law enforcement agency or will she simply spread rumors at Yoga West?  I need to find out every bit of information I can about my nemesis the Kaur Sisters, Dya and Adarsh. 


  1. the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.
    “the balance beam was the team’s nemesis, as two gymnasts fell from the apparatus”
    synonyms: archrival, adversaryfoeopponent, arch enemy

    “they were beaten in the final by their nemesis”
    • a long-standing rival; an archenemy.
      “will Harry Potter finally defeat his nemesis, Voldemort?”
    • a downfall caused by an inescapable agent.
      “one risks nemesis by uttering such words”
      synonyms: downfallundoingruinruinationdestruction, Waterloo

      “this could be the bank’s nemesis”

Make My News Day

Will Libby Dya Kaur Lydecker give me enough pizzazz to write a full 300 word blog sitting here in the Concord Hotel with my complimentary cup of coffee from the El Segundo Bay Club. I feel like the vile bitch is actually sitting here in her lingerie and I can slap her around a little bit with my laptop keys.

libby lydecker


Libby Lydecker looks like she works for an escort service. What the fuck is Libby selling? If I had to guess I would say that Libby doesn’t really actually know what the fuck she is doing or she would have sued me or something already. I think that Libby Lydecker is a frigid sexually withholding bitch who has no idea what she is doing. I don’t know what I am doing so how could Libby know what she is doing. I am just writing these blogs so that the world will know what kind of a hypocrite Libby Lydecker is. 

hypocritical behavior hiding

Emotional Harassment

The Kaur Sisters, Dya and Adarsh, are so busy looking for an enemy I think that I inadvertently crossed their path. I really have no idea why Yoga West has decided to become my enemy. I came to Yoga West to practice yoga. I think that Libby Lydecker was so busy looking for a man to blame she just chose the smallest yogi in the room. I wonder if Libby Lydecker expected me to fight back? Probably not right? Libby and Adarsh probably thought that I would just go off and never practice yoga or write another blog again. Well it looks like they are wrong. I am extremely busy this morning checking out of my cheap motel but I still have time to hammer out three hundred words about the hypocritical behavior of Libby Lydecker. I am going to find out everything I need to know about the Kaur Sisters, Libby and Adarsh.

penis envy in action


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