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Colorful beginnings as law clerk

to Justice Stanley Mosk


Los Angeles legend Brian Lysaght came into my life for very strange reasons. Author Lysaght began his legal career as a law clerk to the eminent Justice Stanley Mosk. What an honor to be only one degree from the esteemed Jurist Mosk namesake of the main Los Angeles County Courthouse.


International Author Lysaght, as he is sometimes known in local legal circles, continues that color today as he holds court at O’Brien’s Pub in Santa Monica. Lysaght brings a James Bond-like intrigue and excitement to federal law & motion litigation. The litigator author needs a paralegal who is also a litigation secretary for long dictation sessions producing four legal thrillers. The litigator is now seeking to transfer his analog products to digital technology for electronic distribution.


Litigator as Author:

Making the Transition from analog to digital


Intelligent authors all now distribute their work as hard copies on and by independently electronically publishing their older manuscripts in an evergreen digital format. I first met Litigator Lysaght when he was in the initial stages of planning his migration. Sometimes the price of all that technology can prevent the conversion from occurring as rapidly from one product to the next.


Litigator Internship


Any litigation secretary interested in assisting the transcription of the master litigator’s novels into digital format for electronic publication please contact the webmaster. Master Lysaght can meet you at O’Brien’s Pub for contractual and payment purposes.


The Litigator’s Novels with Links:


dance of the viper book jacket


lysaght book review


sweet deals

brian lysaght sweet deals for undercover ops


Litigator Inspiration


I chose Litigator Lysaght as my inspiration for this Sunday paralegal blog on the importance of story telling as a trial presentation tool. Good trial preparation depends on turning your litigation into a compelling story. Attorneys such as Brian Lysaght understand the importance of original storytelling and they manifest it in their professional output. The novels of Brian Lysaght are available for an enterprising legal publications entrepreneur to re-brand and re-market them on the Internet.

Using story to persuade is a time tested legal tool. Trial lawyers throughout the ages have been using story and myth as a narrative format to present a trial. From Shakespeare to folk tales, powerful generic story synopsis are available to hang your facts and law upon.

Take inspiration from Litigator Lysaght and his legal thriller output. With today’s blogging technology those same novels could be serialized on a blog such as this one. Which is the reason I am writing this blog on my Sunday. I am coming up with new paralegal success ideas from the inspiration I am receiving this morning. 

What type of legal thrillers would today’s readers find compelling? Should it be set in O’Brien’s Pub with and involve an American attorney who is a fund raiser for the Irish Republican Army? Or maybe a colorful private investigator hired by the Jeffrey Tidus family to solve that cold case. By putting these thoughts down in writing I have been led to update my coverage of that five year old story.


The Jeffrey Tidus Murder


A story of attorney fees awarded by the court upon request of murder victim Jeffrey Tidus, Esq., litigator for big outdoor billboard advertising companies such as Regency Outdoor Advertising. 


D. Keith Maccaddam, known legally as Dean Keith McAdams, is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact:
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