Your Basic Problem Is That You Are Avoiding Your Relationship With The Universe


Are You Simply Avoiding Your Relationship Karma?

relationshipWhen rationalization sets me apart from someone else what I am really doing is avoiding my relationship karma with that person, place or thing. There is no other, everything is relative to me. My blood relatives are exactly me and my neighborhood relations are kinda-sorta me.

My parents are me and my parental karma was completely extinguished by not having children. Now that my parents are gone I am free. My siblings must now each be destroyed by their illegitimate children, as they destroyed my parents and tried to destroy me. I can only be legally eaten and destroyed by my own children. I chose to not have kids for that very reason. I did not want to have a narcissistic highly sexualized androgynous liberated spiritual practitioner for a child. My parental relationship karma would have been to have a kid like me. I burned my parental relationship karma down to the ground. 

I have fulfilled my relationship karma by uniting in liberated cosmic Christ consciousness. I forgive and unconditionally love my family. I also thank them for the damages award that the court gave me and the financial freedom it will bring.   

aa6b7a6c25fd0a1652a34649fbd0e13aWhen I point my finger at someone else I have three fingers pointing back at me. You spot it you got it. When John complains about Mary it says more about John than Mary. John is simply avoiding his comic oneness with Mary. Are you avoiding your cosmic relationship with the object of your complaints? Are you really just crying about some unhealed childhood emotional injury?


What Is Your Relationship Karma to Your Parents?

In the fast paced consumerism of modern life children are sometimes used as egoic badges of materialism. Pets. Children are fancy pets. Babies in strollers are icons of productiveness. (You provided jobs in China by purchasing that $1,500 baby stroller)

What Is Your Primary Source of Sustenance? 

Do you feed yourself with your opposition to other people? Did you get what you wanted and now want to complain about it? (I get that complaint all the time) Sometimes men think that everything in life is free for them from the cradle to the grave and you have to remind them that you get what you pay for. 

Can you see that you when you complain about someone it means that there is something about yourself that you are complaining about. It is never about the other person. There is no other. There is only your relationship karma to the other and the consequences of that karmic relationship. You wanted that beautiful lover and now what you are really complaining about is the price. You thought you were getting your fantasy for free just like Tom Cruise in Risky Business

relationship dharmaDo you get a thrill by complaining about someone and thinking negative thoughts about them? I used to run a lot of negative energy on revenge and vindictiveness. I came from a toxic wasteland of emotional and physical violence and survived when God’s love found me beaten, raped and robbed on the side of the road. From the prisons and mental institutions and hospitals I died in I arose like a phoenix to sing you this song of redemption. 

What is Your Parental Relationship Karma?

When I was in a mental hospital in 1982 a fellow Catholic patient explained to me how most people never burn off their parental relationship karma. We drive down San Fernando Mission Road unto a nunnery of Cadillacs diced upon the Olive groves tended by nineteen year old naked Greek boys. Slowly burning off the Mexican oil of retribution as I was expelled from seminary school on the third day for drunkenness. Decades of seeking spiritual purity returned me 360 degrees sanctified by all 12 Stations of the Cross.

 My Parental Relationship Karma:

“Repaying past wrongs” means that in a past lifetime, the parents committed some wrong toward their present children. Therefore, the children have come to be born in their household seeking retribution. Thus, when still young, the children will be unruly and when grown, they will create misfortune and calamities implicating their parents. In old age the parents will be left in want, while their treatment after death will not only dishonor them, the shame will extend to the ancestors as well. At times, when holding key government positions, the children may even engage in criminal acts, causing the family’s assets to be seized, the lineage exterminated and the graves of the ancestors dug up and desecrated. Thus, when future generations abuse and revile them, they will also hate and despise their parents.

bloodNow that my parents are gone my parental relationship karma is burned off with my dharma completion. I have no children to hate me. I only have my siblings bastard children to hate me. They have a hard time reaching me. I can easily protect myself from my bastard nephews and siblings. If I had of spawned offspring my life would have been hell. My parents life was a living hell. My mother and father died of the same hatred they had for their parents. My parents were just on the verge of their dotage and hence ready to become a severe emotional burden upon me again. I had to stop that. I refused to let my parents become babbling eighty year old children to care for. 

Blood Karma. Now my siblings children have taken all the relationship karma debts from my soul. My karma was to have hateful children and I stopped that. I stopped my siblings hateful children in a Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Trial. I burned off all of my parental karma. My relationship karma with the universe is pure and unadulterated.

relationship karma

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.