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Kundalini Tantra

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

SUMMARY | Chapter 3 | Why Awaken Kundalini?

A Process of Metamorphosis

When you awaken the kundalini, a transformation takes place in life. It has little to do with one’s moral, religious or ethical life. It has more to do with the quality of our experiences and perceptions. When kundalini wakes up your mind changes and your priorities and attachments also change. All your karmas undergo a process of integration. It is very simple to understand. When you were a child you loved toys, but why don’t you love them now?  Because your mind has changed and consequently, your attachments have also changed. So, with the awakening of kundalini, a metamorphosis takes place. There is even the possibility of restructuring the entire physical body.

When kundalini awakens, the physical body actually undergoes many changes. Generally they are positive, but if your guru is not cautious, they can be negative also. When the universal shakti wakes up, the cells in the body are completely charged and a process of rejuvenation also starts. The voice changes, the smell of the body changes and the hormonal secretions also change. In fact, the transformation of cells in the body and brain takes place at a much higher rate than normal.  

Heaven or Earth?

If you want to take up the practice of tantric yoga, the most important thing is that you have a reason or a goal. If you want to awaken kundalini for psychic powers, then please go ahead with your own destiny.

But if you want to awaken kundalini in order to enjoy communion between Shiva and Shakti, the actual communion between the two great forces within you, and if you want to enter samadhi and experience the absolute in the cosmos, and if you want to understand the truth behind the appearance, and if the purpose of your pilgrimage is very great, then there is nothing that can come to you as an obstacle.

God, Jr.

By using kundalini as a means to awaken, you are compensating with the laws of nature and speeding up the pace of your physical, mental and spiritual evolution. Once  you awaken the great Shakti, you are no longer a gross physical body operating with a lower mind and low voltage prana. Instead, every cell of your body is charged with the high-voltage product of kundalini. And when total awakening occurs, man or woman becomes a junior God, an embodiment of divinity. 

kundalini tantra

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