Expanding Consciousness Creates New Neurological Pathways and a New Brain


The journey of life is to overcome your limited awareness of yourself by creating new neural pathways in your brain. Awareness and humility grounded in primacy-of-consciousness lead to a transcendent state of being. The paradigm shift is to think of your consciousness as the primary fabric of reality, and matter. Your consciousness, brain and the object you are observing all exist within this fabric as quantum possibilities. Your observation consists of choosing from the possibilities the one facet that becomes the actuality of your experience. Physicists call this process the collapse of the quantum possibility wave.

Once you recognize that your consciousness is not your brain but transcends your brain, once you recognize that you have the power to choose among possibilities, you are ready to act. You are a cosmic a state of consciousness waking up to the personality (reality) of your choice. The purpose of this website is to emphasize the importance of paying attention to your emotional intelligence. You do not have to fall prey to your emotions because you are attached to the brain circuits connected with the emotions.


awarenessAwareness of the meaning and purpose of life


The meaning and purpose of life is conscious connection to life giving source energy called God mind. Become a good accomplisher at fulfilling the meaning and purpose of your life. The crucial challenge is how to achieve synchrony between speech, thought, and action. The challenge is to integrate thought and emotion.

As human beings we have the ability to focus our awareness on anything. How, where and what we place our attention on, and for how long we place it there ultimately defines us on a neurological level. Our awareness is mobile; develop the discipline to keep it on the thoughts that serve us. Concentrate on the positive so intensely that you create a new neurological level of your brain.


The act of mental rehearsal is a powerful way you can grow and mold new circuits in your brain

We can change our brains just by thinking. What exactly do you already spend most of your time mentally rehearsing, thinking about, and finally demonstrating? Whether you consciously or unconsciously fabricate your thoughts and actions, you are always affirming and reaffirming your neurological self as “you”. Keep in mind that whatever you spend your time mentally attending to, that is what you are and what you will become.

Because our frontal lobe is more evolved than that of any other species on earth, we have tremendous adaptability, and with it come choice, intent, and full awareness. We theoretically have the hardware to evolve our actions in one lifetimeWe have a true biology to change by maintaining a change in mind.

Living in stress is living in a primitive state of survival common to most species. When we live in survival, we limit our evolution. We become more animal like and less divine. My goal is to educate you about the effects of stress on the body, creating a level of self-awareness that causes you to stop and ask yourself, is anyone or anything really worth it? We choose to remain in the same circumstances because we have become addicted to the emotional state they produce and the chemicals that arouse that state of being.


To change is to be greater than the environment

To accomplish a change in perception, the frontal lobe has to force the brain to “cool off” the circuits that are related to feeling unworthy and to reorganize its circuitry to imagine the feeling of transcendence:

The words change, neuroplasticity, and evolution have similar meanings. Change and evolution are all about breaking the habit of being the “you.”

Overcoming these challenges in the environment means that we not only have to demonstrate a will greater than our circumstances, but also must break the old habits by releasing the encoded memories of past experiences that may be dated and that no longer apply to our current conditions. To evolve, then, is to break the genetic habits we are prone to and to use what we learned as a species as only a platform to stand on, from which to advance further.


conscious awareness In my life change has become a comfortable process of my will and determination

To leave behind what is considered normal amidst social convention and to create a new mind requires being an individual for any species. Being uncompromising to one’s vision of a new and improved self and abandoning one’s prior ways of being may also be encoded in living tissue for new generations; history remembers individuals for such elegance. True evolution, then, is using the genetic wisdom of past experiences as raw materials for new challenges.

Our innate intelligence gives life to the body. We simply have to get our educated mind out of the way and give a greater intelligence a chance to do what it does best.

Even though I have an educated, thinking Neocortex that thought it was making the decisions for my body, in truth, the so-called lower centers of the brain had already started the healing process. I simply had to surrender to the intelligence that was already and always actively working within me, to let it work for me. The subconscious realm works at healing, but only to the extent that our genetic programming allows it to.

I now recognize that I am looking through a different window than the rest of the world; I am in a realm totally unknown to most people. I feel in control again, principled. My knowledge of the of the power within me that is constantly giving life to my body will heal me and further empower me as I make further, deeper and stronger contact with it and direct it. “The power that made the body, heals the body and directs it. Next to sex, digestion uses up the largest amount of the body’s energy.


92cd29a9701b9f7533f103b649588f6eThe Rainbow Method:

See the perfection of my whole creation in the perfect order of the universe and how enriched I am in my perfect perception of it.

Believing in a single thought, independent of the circumstances, calls upon a greater mind and takes people to an immense and wonderful future.

The Rainbow Method heals my own self-inflicted emotional wounds and I am whole, perfect, and complete.
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