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“Bad Education” (2019) reminds me of my own campus life at MHC

Welcome to my deja vu, soon to be made into a minor motion picture.

The superbly crafted “Bad Education” gives me deja vu.

The 2019 HBO movie “Bad Education” is based on real life events that give me a strong feeling of bad deja vu. I have lived this movie! In the movie, gay school administrator Frank Tassone pretends that his fake wife is deceased while he is leading a secret triple gay life and making his school district pay for it all. Frank Tassone and his administrators stole his school districts money just like somebody stole the money for my paint job.

The real Frank Tassone

Frank’s rip off lasted for years until a bumbling tradesman cohort got himself arrested for credit card fraud in Home Depot. While I was watching the hilarious Home Depot meltdown sequence I thought of the sloppy paint work in my own apartment. I was suddenly overwhelmed by an intense feeling of deja vu. Then I simply turned my head to the right and looked at the sloppy paint job on my living room window sill. There was my deja vu staring right at me!

My living room window sill

When I look around my beautiful campus I wonder to myself: Why do we have such lousy painters working here? An objective inspection by a layperson can see the shabby work that our painters do. There has to be a good reason why a home run by freemasons would allow such sub-standard workmanship to be foisted upon their elderly Brethren.

My bathroom door knob

Where did the money for jacuzzi maintenance go?

This broken Jacuzzi says it all.

deja vu
Perfect habitat for the new Aedes mosquitos

We have lots of new security cameras but no sense of resident security.

Our administration only has money for the things that administration wants.

deja vu
We only have money for what administration wants.
The reason we have COVID-19 is because of the Buddy the Elf Scavenger Hunt

We should have been locked down tight instead of having a scavenger hunt for Buddy the Elf. The reason that there is coronavirus and Covid-19 on our campus is because we were not locked down right before Christmas. I myself was tempted to look for Buddy the Elf but as I was walking around A-7 I thought to myself, this is not a good idea. We should all be staying inside of our apartments. We should not of been eating in the dining room either. The reason we have Covid-19 is because residents with breathing and mouth control issues were whizzing around in their powered wheel chairs huffing and puffing while scavenging for Buddy the Elf.

deja vu masonic homes pool
Good thing the coronavirus is not carried by mosquitos or I would be dead already!
How did Covid-19 get into your senior independent living facility?
Because administration mixed supermarket shoppers and staff into resident group activities.

How did coronavirus get into your nursing home? By mixing residents who have been to the supermarket with staff who have been to the supermarket, and then super mixing them together for dining and group scavenger hunts. Now you have Covid-19 in your senior citizen assisted living facility. Although I was tempted to join you in group dining and as much as I wanted to visit the newspaper reading room, I refrained. I only entered the building at 5:50 a.m. as my exterior workout was ending. You can check your video cameras and you can easily contact trace me. However I am not relying upon you for my contact tracing I am also on the government app on my mobile. When you insulted my intelligence by patronizingly telling me that Covid-19 is not a hoax or a government conspiracy I exited your Zoom meeting early. I erroneously assumed that you were the whole meeting. Since you could not answer my questions regarding newspaper delivery to my room, I wanted to leave before anyone else had a chance to give me information that was old news. So when the employee from up north got on and started talking about a vaccine I turned off my laptop quick to prevent myself from the torture of hearing you relay information that I have already heard. You should have some integrity and tell the other residents that they will get it when they get it and don’t lead the poor old geezers on with vaccine worship. The vaccine will not affect masks and social distancing. 2021 is going to be another year of masks and social distancing so please take responsibility for yourself and your employees. Many people think that because they are tired of Covid-19 restrictions that Covid-19 is tired also. This is not the case. We have Covid-19 because we have employees following me around at night with their headlights off on their club car service vehicles.