BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL: There is No Resolution Without Neutral Mind

Baseline Consciousness

At the level of baseline consciousness there is no feminine or masculine there is only pure consciousness. There is no boy or girl, gender is made up to create social order. Vedic philosophy and kundalini yoga practice the union of feminine energy and masculine consciousness into the formless state of pure consciousness. You have seen Indian religious artwork with Shiva (Lord of Consciousness) and other androgynous figures that half-blue man, half-skin tone woman? This symbolism takes you more inline with how you are really made up. You are not man or woman you are both masculine consciousness and feminine energy united as baseline or pure consciousness. 

baseline consciousness
This is how Vedic philosophy symbolizes Lord Shiva as consciousness: Half-Masculine and Half-Feminine. This is baseline consciousness. 

A yogi experiences everything as pure consciousness, and any notion of homosexuality or heterosexuality are considered a modification of union (yoga) with formless consciousness (samadhi). You cannot separate the two sides of the coin. 

There are no two separate sides to your in-and-out breathing cycle. You do not say for example: “My inhale is good and my exhale is bad.” There is no stopping of one or the other, only consequences. If you stop one half of the breath cycle you will die. There is no gay or straight, only the consequences of perhaps limiting or expanding your own success at achieving authentic connection to spirit.   

The highest truth is accessed by relaxing into baseline consciousness to attain to the level of neutral mind. The denser part of the universe that we experience as physical matter is governed by the law of polarity. The contrast of opposites is what hold things together. The two sides of a coin cannot be separated or the coin will no longer exist. The tail side is not better or worse than the head side of the coin.

When you use the coin for its’ intended purpose you don’t think about one side or the other. You just hand the coin over and when other smaller coins are handed back to you as change you don’t judge the coins and say: “Hey you gave these pennies all back to me tails up, tails have been unlucky for me.” No you have achieved neutral mind as far which side of the coin you put into your pocket first. There is no good side or bad side of the coin. You may have lost a coin toss when you chose tails and so you do not like tails. However you have become an emotionally mature person and so your neutral mind is not distracted by false notions of any good side or the bad side of the coin. The sides of the coin are relative to each other. The coin simply exists in our neutral mind until we decide to employ the coin as a binary device for randomly deciding an event. We have returned to baseline consciousness as far as coins are concerned.

Disturbing Baseline Consciousness for a Coin Toss

When we make a bet with a friend and decide that we would like a flipping coin to land tails up because that will be good for our ego and wallet, then we exit baseline consciousness into preconditioned consciousness or thought. When the coin lands heads up we do not win and so we don’t like heads for a a while. When the yogi doesn’t want to sleep on his left side anymore he rolls over onto his right. A man decides to take off his suit & tie so that he can wear a dress.  There is no good or evil, only consequences.

baseline consciousness
Heads or Tails?

A person does not engage in either “good” heterosexual behavior or “bad” homosexual behavior. People are just highly sexualized human beings. Human behaviour can be more accurately described as bisexual or pansexual. A pansexual person living in baseline consciousness chooses partners based upon the qualities of the individuals involved

Rock to Baseline Consciousness with the band formerly known as The Southern Christian Death Cult on Rise, the first single off their 2003 Album: BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL: