Bay Club Complaint Department

My main Bay Club complaint is that Howard Hughes personal trainer Chauncey Dennis is on my ass as soon as I arrive when the gym opens in the morning. I enjoy working out in the morning and usually I enjoy being lavished with attention by out African men, not amateurs line Mr. Dennis who have no idea what the fuck the are doing. The problem is that if a gym, resort, or health club is not located in a gay city like Palm Springs or West Hollywood, most of the homosexuality is only latent. I prefer emotionally healthy men who know how to ask for what they want in life. Closet cases like Chauncey Dennis have transmuted and distorted sacred sexual energy rendering them into a one man Bay Club Complaint Department  because of the way the sexually harass Bay Club members.

Bay Club Complaint Notice

The purpose of Bay Club Complaint blog is to put Chauncey Dennis on notice that he will not be permitted to begin my day by sticking his dick in my face if he can’t finish the job. Unwanted attention is harassment.  Unwanted attention in the locker room could be considered sexual harassment. Getting me sexually excited and not following through with authentic physical intimacy will only frustrate me into writing more blog posts like this one.

This morning I showered and shaved in the private shower stalls. When I was finished in the shower and walked into the main locker room there was Mr. Dennis smiling and complaining about the Dodgers. Rather than complain to Bay Club Manager Thomas, I just hammer out these three hundred word blogs. Instead of filing an official Bay Club Complaint, I create this public record. 

Smiling my way through a beautiful Monday morning creating my day. Bay Club employee Chauncey Dennis is hanging around the locker room sniffing my ass like a dog in heat. All I get out of it is this 445 word blog at 7:30 am. 

Locker Room Advice

Always keep a pair of flip flops, thongs or shower shoes in your gym bag because almost all health clubs have foot fungus. Jock itch is a problem everywhere. My sexologist Dr. Allen has heinous deadly testicle burning locker room microbial activity in his Westchester bathroom. After living in the desert for two years my body is totally devoid of any health spa jacuzzi steam room jock rash. Now that I have returned to the Culver City Howard Hughes Center Redondo Beach King Harbor Bay Clubs, I have a Bay Club complaint that can be addressed by simply wearing shower shoes. That’s why they call them “shower shoes”. Now all I need are a pair of “Chauncy Dennis shoes”.

Chauncey Dennis bay Club Howard Hughes center