Inspector Spincter

Meet Chauncey Dennis | Bay Club Howard Hughes Center – Anal Inspector

April 15, 2019 Update:  The Bay Club Howard Hughes has closed and so I am updating these posts.  Apparently Chauncy Dennis, Culver City Personal Trainer is also the Bay Club Howard Hughes water usage compliance officer and chief butt hole hygiene inspector. Saturday morning at 7:30 am Mr. Dennis got right up in my fucking face and queried me on my legal compliance regarding water usage.

Chauncey Dennis bay Club Howard Hughes center

The purpose of this blog is to put Bay Club Howard Hughes Center on notice: Your employee Chauncey Dennis has initiated what this Bay Club member expects to be an ongoing and continual pattern of harrassing and offensive conduct. The last time this happened to me you fired your employee, personal trainer Jeff Blair. Thank you for that remediation.  Perhaps Mr. Dennis should be terminated for his quasi-sexual assault.

Bay Club Howard Hughes Invasion of Privacy

When I am shaving in a Bay Club Locker Room, I expect a modicum of privacy. Your “Personal Trainer” Mr. Chauncey Dennis strikes me as a latent homosexual.  Perhaps I could train him how to fuck me like a real man. Mr. Dennis’ subconscious violent acting out is a terrible waste of transmuted African sexual energy. Mr. Dennis could be trained to transmute his orgasmic potential into more positive and productive outlets, like blogging.

Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Once again, I am staring down the north runway of LAX in the direction of Dr. Paul Allen’s house. It’s a nice clean blogging view. Dr. Allen would love to take a crack at Chauncey Dennis. Paul likes to help closeted gay men get over their African cultural aversion to homosexuality.  Actually Dr. Allen is such a decrepit old geezer he just wants to have sex with anybody.

The Jeff Blair Syndrome 

I should have nipped Jeff Blair in the bud before he could go all homophobic on me at the Hawthorne Equinox.  These sexually frustrated closet cases follow me around the locker rooms in a complete waste of everyone’s energy. Please just take me into a private shower stall and fuck my body not my peace of mind.