Human Being

Bay Club Locker Room Aggression

October 23, 2018 UPDATE | The Bay Club Howard Hughes Center closed in August and I am laughing because I quit that club in June!  A lot of little wussies complained about me at that uptight club.  Now the blond Slavic auto-mechanic immigrant complainer doesn’t have to complain about me.  Last November the Bay Club sent an undercover gay porn star into Howard Hughes to try and entrap me.  The a few months later the same bearish undercover operative was right on top of my work out in Manhattan Beach.  I am a celibate yogi who was using the steam room at 5:00 a.m. before going to Yoga West every morning.  The janitors, locker room attendants at the Bay Club try to run roughshod all over my work out but I’ve been pumping iron for 39 years so I just bend them over and fuck them by writing these blogs.  I am chaste these days and I transmute my sexual energy into these blogs.   

This morning at 7:30 a.m., a trainer at the Bay Club Howard Hughes Center, Culver City, CA 90045, got right up in my face and accused me of violating compliance with water usage. Mr. African Bay Club Trainer initiated conflict by turning off the water facet I was warming up to shave with.  It was a beautiful early morning in the locker room and the water was still cold. When I asked him if my using hot water was a problem for him he alleged that the State of California was under drought conditions and water rationing.  I informed the trainer that this was not true, that Governor Jerry Brown had removed most drought restrictions. 

Then I was forced to stand up for myself and say: “You really want to just get in my fucking face, okay, I’ll just shave with warm water instead of hot.”  The water had actually turn hot with all the dialog that transpired. 

Being a Human Being

As a fully self-realized human being the best thing I can do for this aggressive and offensive Culver City trainer is be a real human being and walk away.  The problem is that now every time this angry Negro looks in the mirror and complains, he will want to fuck me. I had this same problem four years ago when this club was called Spectrum. Jeff Blair and this old Spectrum Club batch of personal trainers love to get up on my ass and surf my energy.  Real men fuck me up my ass butt these latent muscle boys just fuck with my gym membership.  Mr. Harrassing Trainer will now go and complaint to management.  He will say that he has been seriously offended by the way I shave in the morning.  Mr. Trainer was just minding his own business walking through a virtually empty locker room and there I was, shaveing in a far corner, offending him. Monday morning Bay Club management will revoke my membership because Black Lives Matter. 

By Dean McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.