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Subconscious Desire

Bay Club Locker Room

Places like the Bay Club Locker Room at the Howard Hughes Center in Culver City are repositories of subconscious homosexual desire. The Locker Room in Culver City is a portal of latent homosexuality. Personal trainer Jeff Blair is the system administrator of these Midnight Cowboy wanna be hustlers. Every man has his daily sex hustle. My gambit is high end gay for pay. The late blooming latent broke back cowboys in the Bay Club Locker Room hold no future for me.

Bay Club Locker Room Sex Trainer

What these latent bisexual personal trainers need is a sex training from Dr. Paul Allen down the street in Westchester. Mr. African Bay Club Trainer needs the gynecological skills of the good sexologist from Biloxi. Most importantly I will have this grist for my poetry mill as I silt here on Westward Beach Road in Malibu, bloggging away into World Series Game 4. 

End of One Heat Wave, Beginning of Another

From now on I will shave in the private shower stalls at the Bay Club. My confrontational Negro will be ignored, which will probably further enrage him. His blood engorged membership will throb with excitement. The sun just went down into the Pacific Ocean on Pt. Dume. I think I will just drive back to Culver City for Pavillions instead of the one here in rip off Malibu. THen I can go to the Bay Club Locker and find out what my African trainers name is.

Club Locker Room Presence

The purpose of this article is to begin search engine domination of the Bay Club Howard Hughes and the harassing behavior of certain personal trainers led by Jeff Blair.   I pay $150 a month for a Bay Club membership  and I intend on using it.   I will make sure that next Saturday I arrived at the gym at precisely seven am just to let my African American trainer know that he cannot vibe me off the beach.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.