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My Beach Parking Decal Expires at the End of the Month

Redondo Beach Bay Club

Too much living at the beach has worn the luster off of King Harbor for me. The only thing that still works for me is the Bay Club Redondo Beach parking decal on my vehicle. Too much of a good thing has diluted my mystical bliss with the Pacific Ocean. Every moment just sitting in my car parked at Moon Stone Park used to be heaven. But now it is just routine perfection for me.

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For Educational Porpoises Only

The same thing happened with watching the porpoises surf at Zuma Beach in Malibu. I lived on Pt. Dume for two years after rehab and met lots of cool people walking my German shepherd. One day when three porpoises were all riding the same translucent wave Frances Murray said to me: “We are so privileged to be able to see that.” I made my dad laugh when I told him that I was bored with the constant natural beauty of Malibu. I was ready for the city and the gay life and so I moved to Playa del Rey, California. I just fired up my RV and never looked back.

bay club redondo beach

Toe’s Dunes

Good thing I’m getting bored with South Bay, California. My King Harbor parking decal that came with my Redondo Beach Bay Club Membership expires at the end of this month. After that I will haunt my old Playa del Rey neighborhood where there is still free parking right on the sand at Toe’s Dunes.

bay club redondo beach

Bay Club Redondo Beach vs. Equinox Hawthorne

This post has Bay Club Redondo Beach as a key word to attract people looking for Bay Club news and opinion. So many people are Googling for my old posts on “Bay Club vs. Equinox” that I know a few of them will find this post. The reason people are reading these posts is because of the closing of the Howard Hughes Bay Club. Good thing I had to cancel my All Club Bay Club membership when I moved to the far Eastern suburbs of my beloved L.A. If I still had my All Club Membership to the Bay Clubs I would feel financially cheated by the fact that they closed down that great Howard Hughes Bay Club.

Would the Bay Club Decrease All Club Membership Dues With One Less Club?

Would the Bay Club have decreased the monthly dues of my All Club Membership with one less club on the roster? Trainer Ali transformed my body at Howard Hughes by teaching me burpee’s in the steam room. What a loss to see that Culver City icon closed down.

New Adventure Needed

What new adventure is waiting for me? My lack of interest in the beach is also affecting my relationship with my beloved desert. I can no longer get excited about driving forty miles to the beach and I can no longer get an erection thinking about driving one hundred and twenty miles to gay Palm Springs. I knew that if I stayed in the desert any longer than my two years I would end up jaded on the desert. Sure enough it happened. Now I am feeling a desire to return to my mountainous roots. However I will be avoiding the San Bernardino mountains because I am blissfully over and done with socializing with gay nudist men. I need something totally new in my life.
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