Best Complimentary Coffee in the Howard Hughes Center

Personal Trainer Bay Club Sexual Harassment For Raving About Free Coffee

I hope that the Bay Club Howard Hughes was closed because of these posts alleging Bay Club sexual harassment.  I was really just pissed because Chauncy Dennis turned off my hot water in the cold mornings.  The Bay Club sent in an undercover gay hunk to entrap me.  The whole club was on edge. 

Now the whole club is closed down. The Bay Club Howard Hughes Center has some of the best complimentary coffee in 90045. After that, it seems as though everyone wants to get over on somebody else using power and privilege to gratify basic human instinct. Personal trainers like Chauncey Dennis manifest their version of Bay Club sexual harassment by walking up and getting in my fucking face while I’m standing at the sink shaving. There are no longer any drought restrictions in California. There is only a glut of moving lips licking my energy.  

Emotional sexual assault

Last week I expressed my everyday joy, gratitude and sheer amazement that the Bay Club provided free coffee in the morning. Bay Club personal trainer Chauncey Dennis gave me his professional look of displeasure and disapproval of my compliment to the club and staff. I take back my compliment to Mr. Dennis, but not my compliment to the Bay Club for the outstanding complimentary coffee, real cream and almond milk.

Complimentary coffee

Bay Club Sexual Harassment By Latent Gay Trainers

In gay gyms everything is so much more clear and direct and there is no harassment, only hook-ups. In non-gay gyms things like sexual harassment occur due to the latent homosexuality of many aggressive members. Negative closeted creeps like Mr. Dennis who have no idea what they are doing will be surfing my smooth skinny body in their dreams while I fantasize about them fucking me. I came back to LA for Kundalini yoga in Beverly Hills. If I wanted homosexual intimacy I would have stayed down in the fucking gay desert.

latent homosexuality

This morning I arrived at the gym at 5:05 instead of my usual 5:20 or so. I just wanted to let Mr. Dennis know that he cannot vibe me out of the club. I was smiling as usual when I rounded the corner and there was Mr. Dennis at 6:00 am, primping in the mirror with his lips moving.

Halloween In The City

Halloween in Latent City, California and creepy Chauncey Dennis has initiated garden variety latent homosexual harassment style bullying. 

Bay Club sexual harassment