There is No Bisexual Community Isolated and Separate From the General Community As With Gay Ghettos and Commercial Zones

There is not as much of a bisexual community as there is a gay community. Mainly because bisexuals and pansexuals are liberated from social self-identification with aberrated sexuality. The so called gay community is rather lackluster and does not resonate with me. I tried to make it as totally homosexual but I could not. Mainly as a result of questioning my own bisexuality I wanted to make sure I wasn’t lying to myself. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t really a homosexual in denial by calling myself bisexual. I even called my Dad and told him I was gay and that my bisexuality was a cover story. How wrong I was. I was just really gay and happy because my German shepherd and I had just moved into a guest house with my gynecologist & certified sex trainer. Bisexual if real. I am pansexual and this is my bisexual community resource for you.

Bisexual Hook-Ups on Craigslist

Craigslist men for men work really good for me in Palm Springs because I meet a lot of bisexual and heterosexual Africans there who come over to my place. Many masculine men who like to have sex with men don’t self-identify as part of the bisexual community. This is called being on the “downlow” or “DL”.  These bisexual men do not need a community except for the bisexual community of me and him equals two. Do you really need a community for sex? Personally I do not enjoy group sex. Most gay men are totally into group sex. I prefer physical, emotional and sexual intimacy. I am getting jaded on the typical promiscuous gay lifestyle. If women would love me as much as men do I would never have sex with men. Bisexual is my saving grace and my suicide prevention. Gay and bisexual men are never that lonely because we can hook up with easy. However the main thins God so always remember that and create a God community of you and God.