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YOU ONLY TRAP YOURSELF | Did I Just Inadvertently Join a Violent Cult? 

Did I just almost accidentally sign up for the Sikh religion? Yoga West laid a nice sick Sikh trap for me on Robertson Boulevard in beautiful Beverly Hills, California. Falling in and getting caught by the Kaur Sisters Venus Fly Trap was the most liberating Kundalini yoga lesson of my life. My lesson was to survive another near death experience in a Sikh temple brawl. All I want to do is know the unknown and see the unseen. My lesson at Yoga West was to live this precious and sacred life with my ears & eyes wide open and my mouth closed shut.  I may never need to go inside another holy house again as long as I live thanks to Yoga West. The Kundalini Sikhs have trapped themselves inside a prison of their own making. I may be able to save the sick Sikhs but first they would need to surrender their kirpans to local law enforcement authorities to have them melted down. 

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My Eyeballs Are Opened

The most important thing is that I did not trap myself into believing I was a white robed woo woo Kundalini teacher or a Goddammed fucking Sick Sikh. I don’t think I have every called myself a Christian and I would never claim to be Catholic anymore.  I didn’t come to Yoga West for religion or talk therapy. I paid $3,200 to learn mystical yogi technology like how to move my eyeballs back and forth inversely to my arms and legs. Yoga West failed me. I didn’t come to Yoga West to limit myself with a white robed elitist belief system.  

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Kaur Girls

All I ever wanted to do in life is to know the unknown and see the unseen. The Kaur Sisters pitching their little bitch fit were easy, that was nothing. I actually do not even know what the hell it was all about with Adarsh and Dya per se. It doesn’t matter what the problem really was. I have been set free. The Kaur Girls: Adarsh & Dya, are my nemesis muses!  

My only question is what to do next in life. I had planned my year for Yoga West. Now it has been a month since I have practiced kundalini yoga is a studio and my body is healed. My shoulders were ripped-up from Kundalini. Kundalini does not work the whole body. There is no way I could be a Kundalini-defined yogi. I needed to get trapped by the Kaur Sisters. I so needed to get kicked out of Yoga West so I could be free of the trap of limiting belief systems. Now it is time to unpack my van and take it to the car wash where I will reward myself with a Starbucks blonde roast. Maybe it really is my goal to warn the world of Sikh Temple Brawling.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.