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Ben Frank

Benjamin Franklin Was the Original Blogger

Benjamin Franklin is one of my idols. I worship Ben on an almost daily basis with this blog. Ben Franklin got in trouble blogging when he was a teenager working for his brother. Ben sent letters to his brother’s newspaper in which Ben pretended to be a woman. The letters were printed in his brother’s newspaper. Ben’s humorous letters were early forms of blogging. Ben Frank got into so much trouble blogging that he had to leave Boston and relocate to Philadelphia.

The Grave of Benjamin Franklin

The grave of Benjamin Franklin is located just a few feet from the sidewalk in the heart of historic Philadelphia, PA. Viewing Ben Franklin’s grave is probably one of the best free things to do in downtown Philadelphia. The first time I was in Philadelphia it was the 4th of July and the whole city was free. I saw the Liberty Bell, the Constitutional House of Congress, and all of the main attractions in the historic district of Philadelphia for free. But my favorite attraction in Philly is always free: Ben Franklin’s grave right there on the sidewalk.

Ben Frank’s

Ben Frank’s Restaurant in Hollywood, California always felt like an inspirational location to me because of Benjamin Franklin. Other people obviously felt the same way. Ben Frank’s Restaurant is mentioned in the song “Hollywood” by 999.

Here we are on Sunset Boulevard,
Here we are at Ben Frank’s.
Ha ha ha ha ha Hollywood.

“Hollywood”, 999

Apollo 11

Today I am going on a community outing to see the Apollo 11 show at the Rose Bowl. I need something to blog about. I need something to photograph. This is one of the few times in my life when I can’t think of anything to write about.


I want to bring love into everything I do. There needs to be love in my community. I want living at the Masonic Home in Covina to be as much fun for the residents, as it is for the employees who are working here.

The Plumber

When I was working people used to call me The Plumber. My job was to keep everything nice and clean. During the course of any investigation the clean get cleaner and the dirty just get downright filthy. That’s where The Plumber comes in to the picture. Sometimes during the cleanup the drains and pipes get so clogged up with shit that you need a plumber to ream everything out. You need a special kind of plumber. You don’t need just any old plumber, you need The Plumber.

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