The Best Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Modification is a Collaborative Rather Than a Litigious Process

Best Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Modification Collaborative
Family Law Attorney Diane DePould Says: “The Best Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer is a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer”


How Does the

Best Los Angeles

Divorce Lawyer Work?


By Being a Paralegal Intensive Law Firm

on the Court Form Word Processing


The best Los Angeles divorce lawyer child support modification is paralegal intensive. All family law firms are legal support staff intensive. This is because in the practice of family law in Los Angeles Superior Court, the California Judicial Council court forms are mandatory, not optional. Pleading style documents with caption pages are only filed in special circumstances such as heavily contested divorces.  In other words in family law court forms are the norm and not the rarity as in civil law practice. Therefore family law is word processing and legal secretary intensive.  Paralegals and legal document assistants are put to really good use in the divorce attorney business. To be a family law specialist is to be a Adobe Acrobat, PDF, Word and WordPerfect specialist.

Diane DePould, Esq. is a collaborative divorce specialist who uses paralegals to fill out petitions for dissolution of marriage and other divorce court forms in her family law practice. Ms. DePould encourages petitioner and respondent to work out an agreement on stipulated divorce judgments. That is what the best Los Angeles divorce lawyer does: facilitate agreement. Attorney DePould refers all of her qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO’s) to contract divorce paralegals for legal document preparation and processing. 

The best divorce is a collaborative divorce and is negotiation intensive.  A fast and inexpensive divorce involves the petitioner and respondent working together on their own stipulated settlement without attorney middlemen charging $400 per hour to relay communications back and forth between the parties. Talk to  your spouse about your divorce as if it were the dissolution of a business enterprise and not the tearing apart of a promising young family with minor children.


Best Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Modification Court Forms
The Best Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer’s Paralegal Says: “Divorce is Child Abuse”

The Price of Divorce is Far Reaching


Divorce is a subtle form of child abuse. The public and law makers should get enthusiastic about protecting minor children from divorce. People get all worked up about child sexual abuse real or imagined. That same concern for protecting children from pedophiles should be transposed into protecting minor children from divorce abuse. 

Take control of your litigation costs and your divorce by realizing that making a negotiated peace with your ex-spouse is in your best interest and the best interests of your children. We have all become too de-sensitized to divorce.  We are like frogs in a boiling pot of water. We haven’t noticed that we are boiling alive in divorce because we have gotten used to it. In the age of instant gratification we have created instant divorce. Instantly stunting the emotional and psychological development of the children of America. First we stole and squandered our children’s financial future and now we are ripping off their emotional capital with rampant divorce.    

Remember a few decades ago when the news that 50% of all marriages end in divorce sounded shocking? I remember 45 years ago when my aunt got a divorce. I thought to myself: “How devastating, how will she her infant daughter survive now?  Oh no, I hope she doesn’t have to come and live with us!”  My aunt found a better man to get re-married too, and he was also on his second marriage. Many women are not as lucky with re-marriage as my aunt was. I really lucky because people in my family are all super sexy and we get into quality relationships really easily. And we also get divorced a lot just like everybody else. 

We are all too familiar with divorce because we all know lots and lots of people who are divorced. We all rush out too early to find a divorce paralegal or good divorce lawyer. A divorce legal document assistant or a dissolution of marriage attorney must still get the information and the authority from the petitioner and respondent. The best Los Angeles divorce lawyer modification will have the divorce LDA sit down with you to update your file with the appropriate information. If you are interviews by a paralegal instead of an attorney or lawyer, you know you are going to save money. 


Best Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Modification

on Order to Show Cause (OSC)


In family law practice motions are called an order to show cause. The modification process begins with filing the FL-300 Request for Order for Modification. The form can be used by attorneys to modify child and/or spousal support. The best Los Angeles divorce lawyer will specialize in support modification using law firm support staff for word processing of the court forms: 

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By Dean McAdams

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