Why is the Red Hat Lodge consistently voted the best retirement home in America to work for?

Are you exposing your employees to dangerous second hand tobacco and marijuana smoke by using them to sniff out illicit activity? The best companies to work for do not expose their employees to toxins in the workplace. What if your skilled food workers are exposed to COVID-19 while using their personal nostrils in the secondary service of sniffing out dope smokers? Good employers do not treat their workers like that. Year after year, the Red Hat Lodge has been voted the number one best retirement home in the country to work for. Why is the Red Hat Lodge the best place to work, live and play? Because the Red Hat Lodge uses technology instead of employees for the dangerous work. It’s always safety first at the Lodge!

AirGuard marijuana smoke detectors know whether you are smoking pot or smoking tobacco

Use Real Science

The Red Hat Lodge is just one of the many institutions that use the latest AirGuard technology to protect workers, residents and visitors from harmful second hand tobacco and marijuana smoke. Now security guards and housing supervisors can print out a log of exactly what type of dope your residents or workers are smoking. Is it cannabis sativa or is it cannabis indica? You will know immediately on your mobile device and you will also have the ability to print out a log with the time and details of smoking events. The upcoming 2021 AirGuard models will even tell you how strong the THC content of the dope being smoke is!

best retirement home uses dope smoking detectors
Use AirGuard to keep everyone safe and lower your insurance premiums!

Maintain Legal Compliance

Just because recreational weed is legal in 11 states does not mean that you can allow your clients to smoke anywhere. Your residents must smoke in designated areas to ensure compliance with your insurance contract. If you want your company to be voted the best workplace in the America then you must maintain a healthy smoke free environment for everyone. What about clever grifters and juvenile delinquents who are vaping their dope? There’s an app for that!


The best companies to work for always use the latest technology available. Sure you can always use your employees to sniff around for illicit smoke, but isn’t that exposing the employee to harmful and dangerous tobacco and dope smoke? Additionally, is that efficient use of human capital? A sophisticated marijuana smoke detector is much less expensive than an employee. So use the best tools and become the best company in America to live, work, play, and smoke dope at; but only in the designated smoking area!

The best companies to work for use cannabis smoke detectors instead of their employee’s nostrils