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Josie Kramer is the best yoga teacher in Hermosa Beach because she teaches real yoga breathing. You can find her at the Bay Club in King Harbor and Lyfe Yoga on PCH at Pier Ave. Check this girl out, she’s the real thing. 

Josie Kramer best yoga teacher la

Real yoga is about formalized breathing. Josie taught me that the key to living an extraordinary life is to breathe extraordinarily. It’s working! Josie kept stressing breathing, breathing, breathing, even more than most yoga teachers. One miraculous day I just started breathing one long full ujayi breath for each movement, audibly through my glottis. The super healing effects were felt almost immediately. Improving my breathing has improved my life.

Josie kramer

Breath Work is Deep Healing Work

The best yoga teacher will tell you that breath work is right up there with chakra healing at the top of the higher consciousness pyramid. Sometimes people freak out when the hear the way I breathe because I am a robust juicy breather. Sometimes when we are young we are taught to be small and quiet, so we start holding our breath as little kids. It is important to breathe in fully and exhale fully. It is important to keep breathing properly, which means breathing audibly. Breathing quietly to please other people such as parental figures should be examined. I inhale and exhale loudly in the steam room and sauna. 

Josie kramer

Working on yourself by doing things like learning how to breathe better is the most important thing you will do in this school of life. There is a deeper meaning behind the glitter and hum of the everyday world that exists to our senses. Yoga and meditation open the spirit to what is unseen, eternal and meaningful in life. Scientific Yogi breathing has opened up my mind and heart to a finer level of awareness.  Yoga and meditation make me want to talk less and feel more.  It is more socially rewarding for me to be typing this blog for my social validation than to be communicating one-on-one in person.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.