Oh No, I Think I’m Pimping My Religion!

Age of Aquarius

Yogi Bhajan was a Dalit Sikh from an untouchable caste who had to escape the cultural fascism of India to better himself. He immigrated to Toronto, Canada but the entrenched elitist Punjabi Sikhs wouldn’t share the wealth with 39 year-old Yogi Bhajan. Next he ventured to Los Angeles where he encountered young Guru Singh dancing in the streets of Hollywood, California.  The pop hit of the day was the 5th Dimension’s The Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in on the am radio.  Yogi Bhajan and Guru Singh catered to their core female audience and created a white male bashing yoga religion out of pop culture, astrology, real yoga, Sikhism and whatever else was available in their Melrose Avenue Bookstore.  The genius of Bhajanism is that white male gurus’ Singh and Meher continue the conspiracy of fake yogis.  Real yoga is Vedic Hindu not Dalit Sikh immigrants.  Real Indian holy men stay in India being holy.  

age of aquarius

WIKIPEDIA |  Aquarian age timeline

In spring of 1969, soon after Harbhajan Singh had begun teaching in Los Angeles, a hit medley “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” was topping the music charts and being played everywhere.  The performers, The 5th Dimension, happened to be signed to a record label owned by one of his students (and his green card sponsor), musician and entrepreneur Johnny Rivers.[14]

Yogi Bhajan incorporated the story line of the dawning new age into his teachings, a case of melding Western astrology with Sikh tradition.  He proclaimed “Guru Nanak was the Guru for the Aquarian Age.”  It was, Harbhajan Singh declared, to be an age where people first experienced God, then believed, rather than the old way of believing and then being liberated by one’s faith.[15]  Yogi Bhajan’s timeline for the arrival of the Aquarian age varied over the years, but in 1992, he fixed it at 2012 and gave his students a set of morning meditations to practice until that date to prepare themselves.[16]


Due Process

Guru Singh has led the women of kundalini to believe that they can prosecute men without constitutional due process.  Kundalini yoga is unconstitutional.  You cannot violate someone’s constitutional rights just because you don’t want them to put their yoga mat next to yours.  It is in the best interest of kundalini women to obey the law because rule of law is for everybody’s protection.  

Harvey Weinstein Prosecution Set Backs

The Harvey Weinstein hysteria may be contributing to the anti-white male policies of Yoga West.  So what is happening with the Harvey Weinstein prosecution?   The Harvey Weinstein prosecution is in danger of going the way of the O.J. Simpson murder prosecution.  The Los Angeles Police Department tried to frame a guilty man and he walked free and clear.  Is the New York Police Department is about to do the same thing?  The NYPD told a potential victim to delete data from her mobile devices before turning them over to the police as evidence.  The New York prosecutor is the esteemed Cyrus Vance, Jr. and his credentials are impeccable.  The cops can take shortcuts with impoverished defendants but Harvey Weinstein has the devastatingly effective Ben Brafman, Esq.  Everything must be accomplished pursuant to the rule of law.