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Bhajanist Fraud | Tell Little Girls Exactly What They Want To Hear

There will be no sharing of power in the Age of Aquarius.  Bhajanist fraud dogma teaches that life is a win-lose proposition in which women will win and men will lose.  Yogi Bhajan’s Wikipedia page indicates that patriarchy will fall in 2012 and matriarchy will be the new global socio-political economic system.  Bhajanism teaches that all white men are bad and in the coming Age of Aquarius women will be able to come after them with swords.  This was all made up by Yogi Bhajan to create a very successful corporation.  When Yogi Bhajan came to America he knew from his Sikh yoga teachers that yoga women outnumbered yoga men by a wide margin.   So he told women that in the coming Age of Aquarius women would rule the world with swords.  The Bhajanist Fraud is to promise something that you know does not exist with the intent of altering someones decision making process to their detriment.  There are many kundalini women who will never know the truth about Yogi Bhajan. 


Kreate Your Own Kind of Klub

Yogi Bhajan was not a vedic holy man.  Yogi Bhajan was a Dalit Sikh from an untouchable caste.  Yogi Bhajan did what the gansta rappers did.  The gansta rappers were locked out of the mainstream music business so they created their own music business.  Yogi Bhajan was locked out of mainstream Indian society in India and he was not among the Punjabi Sikh elitists in Toronto, Canada. 

So Mr. Bhajan came to Los Angeles, California and created his own woman based community called Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.  The Bhajanist fraud is to tell women that they are the first teachers and consciousness begins with them.  There is no documentary evidence that a woman was the first teacher as Krishna is generally acknowledged as the first teacher.  Most of Bhajanism is a fraud created so that Yogi Bhajan could get laid. 

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Age of Women Winning and Men Losing

When Yogi Bhajan heard the 5th Dimension on the radio he prophesied that in 2012 patriarchy would fall and matriarchy would become the dominant socio-political structure of the world:  

WIKIPEDIA |  Aquarian age timeline

In spring of 1969, soon after Harbhajan Singh had begun teaching in Los Angeles, a hit medley “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” was topping the music charts and being played everywhere. The performers, The 5th Dimension, happened to be signed to a record label owned by one of his students (and his green card sponsor), musician and entrepreneur Johnny Rivers.[14]

Yogi Bhajan incorporated the storyline of the dawning new age into his teachings, a case of melding Western astrology with Sikh tradition. He proclaimed “Guru Nanak was the Guru for the Aquarian Age.” It was, Harbhajan Singh declared, to be an age where people first experienced God, then believed, rather than the old way of believing and then being liberated by one’s faith.[15] Yogi Bhajan’s timeline for the arrival of the Aquarian age varied over the years, but in 1992, he fixed it at 2012 and gave his students a set of morning meditations to practice until that date to prepare themselves.[16]

What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Coexistence? 

This writer would propose that a more equitable co-leadership approach be considered by the Bhajanists.  If men and women were to share power equally then we could have a win-win situation.  Plus the women of kundalini could lay down their arms and everyone could feel safe.  Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another right now.  

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By Dean McAdams

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