A Brief History of Self-Constructed Sikh Yogis in America

Yogi Bhajan’s White Tantric Yoga is the New “Super Yoga” of Yogi Wassan 

The black and white photograph above is Yogi Wassan, a Punjabi Sikh immigrant who worked in an Oregon lumber mill for 12 years before reinventing himself as a very successful travelling “super yoga” occult, breathing and nutrition teacher.  The excellent health advice alone probably propelled many of these early adherents to better health and well being. 

Entrepreneurs like Yogi Wassan served as role models to many other immigrants from the untouchable caste matrix in the northern belt of India such as Yogi Bhajan.  The Bhajanist white tantric yoga fraud is the sexiest scam in the world because it uses sex to sell fake religion.  Real Indian holy men don’t travel to America to peddle their teachings.  Real Indian holy men like Ramakrishna are eccentric freaks who stay in India and use attraction to the perfected being rather than personal promotion.  Yogi Bhajan is just one more con artist in a long line of Punjabi Sikh salesmen in America.  Indian yogi’s in America are known to give people exactly what they want and white tantric yoga fraud is no exception.  

white tantric yoga fraud

White Tantric Yoga Fraud

Ninety years ago travelling Punjabi yogis sold a brand of yoga that involved hypnotism and the occult because that was all the rage back then.  Nowadays 3HO sells a much sexier brand called White Tantric Yoga, constructed in a Melrose Avenue Bookstore by Yogi Bhajan and Guru Singh.  White Tantric Yoga is the new “super yoga”.  Yogi Bhajan’s work is transformative due in large part to his personal charisma.  I learned a lot about women from his book, Man to Man.  One of my favorite Yogi Bhajan stories is that when he first immigrated to America he couldn’t eat the fake toxic food.  Thank God that today we don’t have to eat the same unhealthy food our parents grew up on.  

white tantric yoga fraud

Michael Filipowich

My mentor Dr. Allen was the first person I ever heard the term white tantra from.  Dr. Allen heard it from his shaman don Miguel Filipowich.  I had been hearing the word tantra my whole life.  When I first saw the Bhajanist kundalini yogi’s on the streets in the 1980’s I was driving around town as a production assistant for Tantra Films in Hollywood, California.  So when Filipowich told Dr. Allen about White Tantric Yoga I felt compelled to check it out.  When I first saw the WTY website I was skeptical.   My intuition proved valid.  The yoga sold by the Bhajanists is White Tantric Yoga fraud and has very little to do with real yoga or real tantra.  Tantra is a very broad term which could encompass almost any esoteric Hindu or Buddhist concept.  Sikhs are not Hindu or Buddhist so calling a Sikh teacher like Yogi Bhajan the White Tantric Mahan is really pushing the limits of authenticity.  Now that Dr. Allen has moved into an assisted living facility or maybe even back to Biloxi, Mississippi, this probably puts closure on my relationship with don Miguel Filipowich.     

white tantric yoga fraud

Malibu Yoga

Malibu is a constant thread running through my life.  I had my first near-drowning experience at Pirates Cove on Pt. Dume when I was a drunken teenager.  I put my hand inside a girl’s vagina for the very first time at Zuma Beach and even attended a David Deida seminar with Filipowich in Malibu.  In 2007 I rented the parking lot of the Sunset Restaurant on Westward Beach Road at night to park my RV.  One day nobody came to the beach.  I thought it was a nuclear war and I had been relieved of all the people crowding my beach.  Realizing that something was amiss, Dharma and I got in our shuttle van and headed for some good cell phone reception.  Malibu was on fire and not many people came to the beach that day.  

Crashing and Burning 2004

When my life was crashing and burning all around me, I got online and chose the alcohol rehabilitation center I went to in Malibu because it had a photo of the marketing director doing yoga outdoors.  I didn’t know she was the marketing director at the time, I wouldn’t find that out until later when I began working for her.  I only knew that I did not want to go to a mandatory AA treatment center.  So I went to a non-AA recovery center and only did a little bit of fake yoga.  Later on in that non-AA recovery center I picked up a brand new unopened copy of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous and had a truly transformational experience bordering upon the Divine.  On January 21, 2019 I will celebrate 15 years of recovery from the spiritual disease of alcoholism.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s white tantric yoga fraud as long as the God is real.   

llamas tied up at lifeguard station on pt dume malibu, ca

Livestock emergency tethered to Malibu lifeguard tower during Woolsey Fire, November 12, 2018. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.