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The “Mr. Big” Technique Of Confidential Informants

It Seems Like Even the Janitor is Part of Chief Doan’s Big Investigation

I can feel the sheer magnitude of the big investigation operation of C.I. poster boy Brett Zebrowski all around me. It seems like even the janitors are even part of LAPD Chief Doan’s immense undercover operation. Last night even one of the maintenance men was playing Skeeball with the Illuminati in Solomon’s Temple. I wonder if these confidential informants have been approved by the new LAPD oversight committee on spies?

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The Mr. Big Technique of Confidential Informants

One technique of confidential informants is known as the Mr. Big protocol. This type of operation takes a long time. It could take years to seduce the suspect with the notion that “Mr. Big” is going to bring the suspect into a large criminal enterprise as a trusted soldier. The only catch is that the suspect has to divulge some information to Mr. Big that is necessary to establish the credentials of the suspect. Usually Mr. Big is a confidential informant trying to obtain a murder confession for a law enforcement agency.

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A typical ploy is to first pay the suspect a few hundred dollars to perform some initiation task and work the mark up the ladder. The Mr. Big operation can be very creative. It works best on young criminals working their way up .

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Big Investigation All Around Me

Even though Brett Zebrowski himself was not the person actually calling my mobile number today, he is being held accountable because his photograph is so compelling. Mr. Zebrowski was trying to establish his criminal credentials by posing for a fake mugshot on Facebook. Zebrowski would then use his “Facebook” mugshots to convince young offenders that Zebrowski is “Mr. Big” in the surf mafia of Manhattan Beach, California. Mr. Big Zebrowski is now ready to have lower tier criminals ingratiate themselves to Mr. Big.

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