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To: Angry Bill Pappas – Please Speak For Yourself

Bill Pappas Does Not Speak For Me

Angry Brother Bill Pappas is running amok and inappropriately contacting the California Department of Insurance because a complex property damage claim is not proceeding fast enough for him. How immature. The water damage was in August. That was three months ago. The check for a $3,000 fender-bender would not even be arriving yet, let alone the money or a large claim for the extensive water damage to lower R4. Then Bill goes on to whine about the pool house & Jacuzzi which is discussed every month and make numerous unfounded and incorrect other allegations.

A real problem with his angry memo is that Mr. Pappas claims to speak for me and 64 other people and he does not. Pappas does not have my authorization to write his undated “open letter” on my behalf. This is misrepresentation at best and fraud at worst.

is dean arnell an asshole or a butt wipe?
Brother Butt Wipe Arnell | Thanksgiving 2019

The Matter Is Not Yet Ripe for the DOI

Contacting the “Insurance Commissioner” as Mr. Pappas puts it is a very bad idea. The California Department of Insurance does not have jurisdiction over a three month-old commercial property damage claim. Pappas is totally out of line however there is no way of reasoning with him. At the Update Meeting on Monday Pappas kept asking Jennifer the same question again and again after she had already answered it perfectly twice. Pappas only relented after his partner-in-crime Dean Arnel said: “She just told you, you have to wait until after the Thanksgiving Holiday when Judy comes back from vacation.”

Pappas was so far in the wrong that apparently Judy briefly came back from her vacation because I saw her at lunch on Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week, after Pappas melted down at the meeting on Monday. Pappas claims to have been a building contractor and so he knows that contacting the DOI is wrong however Pappas & Arnell are enjoying being malicious old men.

To make matters worse, Pappas & Co. have never to this day even asked me anything about my opinion or input on their “open letter from the Covina residents.” The purpose of writing this blog is to set the matter straight.

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Taking It to Gary Charland Is the Next Move, NOT Harassing the DOI

What Pappas and Arnell are doing is inappropriately going over Judy’s head by contacting the DOI. What Pappas should be doing is contacting Gary Charland, the President and CEO. This is really a job for our board of trustees member in residence Jerry Chandler, but apparently Trustee Chandler is unable to rise to the occasion. Chandler’s solution was to write an email requesting a double wide trailer to be used as a substitute for RV. Apparently Chandler wanted Jennifer to read his email anonymously or something like that. These old-school blue collar Masons like Bill Pappas, Arnell & Chandler think have to keep everything secret, however secrecy only applies to the Lodge, not the Home.

Trustee Jerry Chandler Needs To Work With the Residents & Management, Not Anonymously Email Lame Expensive Ideas to Jennifer

At the Update Meeting while Jerry Chandler was laying out his lame ideas Duane B. blurted out: “Call the Insurance Commissioner!” At first I thought Duane was merely joking. Then when Chandler turned to Duane and snapped: “Go back to sleep Duane!” I was stunned at the immaturity of Jerry’s conduct. Then when I found out that Duane Bente serious about calling the DOI I was truly shocked. At least I have something to blog about.

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