Mystic Math of the Mind of God

Birth School Work Death

Every twenty-four hours it’s the same old love bliss in a brand new universal application called life. Every morning I birth a new embodiment of universal mind while walking through the industrial rainbird sprinklers in the desert. Mistified in the mist.

My mind does gymnastics in the trees along with the legal research scattered about there with my signature colored gel pens and fluorescent highlighters. I used to goof off on Facebook in the mornings now I goof off by writing a five hundred word blog advising teenagers to meditate and do a few kundalini inversions before considering undergoing sex reassignment surgery. If you practice nude kundalini yoga with me maybe you won’t need all that gender consciousness when you zero out to baseline consciousness. 

birth brainMath Birth

My father was a mathematician and he built my brain that way. The first trip I ever took to New York as a kid inspired me to build my brain like a skyscraper. I envisioned rooms organizing my thoughts and production plans. Sometimes I think of my computer hard drive as New York when I am organizing and naming files. I think of the bigness of New York and how I can organize things in a way that make sense to me.

Daily Morning Birth

Most of today is time organized for legal research on equitable estoppel. However I am so addicted to blogging I just had to crank out this birth blog with my first tiny cup of coffee.

Coffeecoffee birth

I love coffee so much that I am drinking it less to enjoy it more. I grind Starbuck’s Sumatra beans so I only need a little to get a hardcore caffeine high. My coffee goal is to eliminate the coffee comedown jag.

Birth Goddess

The purpose of life is connection to God. The purpose of this blog is to connect to my Birth Goddess as the bride of Christ. If you can do it through the blood ritual and body of Christ, then that is one way. Vedic meditation and kundalini yoga are another. Does speaking in tongues and dancing with rattlesnakes facilitate your personal experience with your God? If your spiritual or religious practice is true for you then it is true. The only place your God exists or does not exist is in your mind. If you have thought out your atheism and it works for you, then go join the atheist parade if that resonates with you. God is a personal experience and a lot of work. God and birth does not come easy because getting born is a lot of work.

birth goddess

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.