Is Bisexual Real?

Pansexual is the new bisexual. Pansexual means one has the infinite capacity to share emotional and/or physical intimacy with anyone and everyone. Many modern men in the desert self-identify as bisexual or pansexual. In the modern age you are what you say you are. When I want to make it easy on people I tell them I am bisexual instead of pansexual. Miley Cyrus self-identifies as pansexual and that is great that she can educate the public with sexual articulateness.

How do you tell if a man is bisexual?

Many bisexual men will not kiss other men. A pansexual man will kiss other men. The great thing about pansexual men is that they are usually very masculine. I have two multi-sexual lovers who visit me every so often. Actually I need to freshen up my roster of masculine gay and pansexual men. I prefer to host men in the privacy of my villa on the north edge of Palm Springs. That is the best way to enjoy homosexual freedom and liberation.

Is Pansexual a Stepping Stone to Total Homosexuality?

You bet it is kid. The purpose of this article is to convince heterosexual men to try bisexuality and then get bisexuals to try homosexuality. This is the homosexual conversion agenda promoted by the Williams Institute at UCLA. The Williams Institute pays me a finders fee for every heterosexual I convert to homosexuality. There are many little known programs such as this which are readily available as a source of income to independent contractors.

Many covert child prostitution sting operations are run by independent contractors funded by the government. My next blog will cover these child pornography grants in detail. I am investigating them myself as a potential source of revenue. That is the benefit of this pansexual blog: I am thinking and processing my thoughts here in print instead of orally. Now this sexual liberation work work can be accessed by you.