Bisexuals Have No Need to Hit On Straight Guys

Bisexuals Don’t Hit Up On Guys in Straight Locker Rooms

Before I had any gay sexual experience I erroneously assumed that all gay men wanted to have immediate sex with me. It was only wishful thinking. I used to wistfully imagine that straight locker rooms in gay cities would be full of gay men that wanted to sexually assault me. After I got over the initial learning curve I found out that this was not the case. Then when I came out as bisexual it seemed like lots of straight men erroneously assumed that I wanted to have sex with them.

Just because someone is bisexual doesn’t mean they fancy enduring sexual relations with a totally inexperienced partner. I do not hit up on men in straight locker rooms and I don’t know anyone who does. I do know of experienced gay men like Dr. Allen who look for curious straight guys to train on the Internet, but the curious straight guys are looking and advertising too. Gay men who like straight men are up front about it and you are not going to find them in any locker rooms at the Bay Club or elsewhere. Gay and bisexual men have gay and bisexual places to go to. Nobody would risk a scene in a locker room because that would be illegal and probably get you kicked out of the club.

Bay Club

Closing of the Bay Club Howard Hughes marks the end of an era. The BCHH was an important resource in Westchester-Culver City. I learned real yoga at that gym. I learned burbees from a Persian kid in the steam room and I learned functional exercise from Tony Allegre. I used to tie my black German shepherd Dharma up out in front of that club. When I found out that the Bay Club Howard Hughes closed because the rent was too high I had a good long laugh at all the little sissies there who are afraid of bisexual men who are working out not bothering anyone a that conservative club. Now the blond auto mechanic whose name I don’t even know won’t have to complain about me or anyone else because there is no gym to complain in. Bisexual men do not use straight locker rooms to find sex because they have Tinder, gay bars and many resources that are designed specifically for procuring gay sex.


Gay men are usually fairly intelligent and it would be stupid to use a straight venue for sexual gratification. It is just never done. Gay men don’t pick up on straight guys in straight clubs because that would not only be dangerous it would be non-productive. Gay men don’t waste time on non-productive activity when it comes to sex, that is why they are gay.The Bay Club Howard Hughes sent an undercover entrapment agent into the steam room to try and make a lewd conduct case against someone, probably me. He showed up a few months later at the El Segundo club off of Rosecrans Blvd. The undercover cop was a good looking bearish individual with long curly brown hair. Maybe an actor or a porn star from somewhere like tubevideoshd perhaps. Maybe a real off-duty gay Hermosa Beach cop.

Dr. Shrek Allen Finds Straight Men On the Internet

Some men do like to find straight men for sex. Sexologist Dr. Paul Allen obtained sexual gratification from training straight, bisexual and less experienced gay and bisexual men. Training was Dr. Allen’s thing. Emotional training, sexual training. Dr. Paul “Skrek” Allen likes to find less emotionally developed individuals that are sexually malleable. His Tinder and profiles specifically state that he likes to train inexperienced bisexual and straight men. You are not going to find guys like Dr. Allen in any health club locker rooms.

Dr. Allen Moves To Inglewatts

Dr. Shrek McDuff is fond of Africans and he has recently relocated to an assisted living facility in Inglewood, California. Shrek McDuff is still on Tinder and Silverdaddies you just have to drive to his new home in-between the Hollywood Park Casino and Inglewood Park Cemetery. Last week I drove by his duplex for the first time in a year and his car wasn’t there but someone moved the blinds aside to check out my car as I was coming back for a second pass on my reconnaissance. So I actually stalked him online to his nursing home. I don’t actually want to see him and I have written about that. However if you are newly displaced by the closing of the Howard Hughes Bay Club’s straight locker rooms and you would like to explore your sexuality he would probably love to see you.

John Weindorf

When I first heard the term “Inglewatts” from my old film school buddy Jon Weindorf I just about fell off off my bar stool laughing in the CSUN Pub.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.