black lies matter is making a radical out of me.

My whole life I have $upported African Americans. I even wrote a blog about cancelling the Masonic racist and Confederate General Albert Pike. I totally support cleansing our morally superior culture of ruffians like Pike. black people are Cool I really dig them, and who wouldn’t? I dig darkieS like I dig the poet E.E. CuMMings.

Back in the day Africans got ripped off for sure. But that was then and this is 2021. The proverbial pendulum has swung too far into the realm of inequality. Black lies matter so much that I simply must vent my frustration. If I don’t, I’m gonna blow a fifty-amp fuse.

The only black lives movement that I want to see this morning is a big black bowel movement. And here she is. I am leaving a Big black Dump named zanies kally.

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Welcome to My Big black Bowel Movement Blog

All Movements Matter

It is my daily custom to consume a wide variety of fresh foods and vegetables. Red, green and yellow bell peppers, radishes, carrots. mushrooms, potatoes, pickles and lots of dark leafy greens. The older I get, the smaller my daily intake of farmed salmon, bison, beef and chicken. And I also eat one-half grapefruit per day every morning with my hard-boiled eggs and oatmeal at breakfast. Therefore I defecate in all possible colors of the defecatory spectrum. This morning I shat black, Brown, Green and I even shit out a little bit of White!

This corporeal surrender inspired me to become more expansive and take a great big emotional dump also. I just have to get my thoughts in order in this blog. I’ve had so many lies crammed down my throat that now, it is now time to exhale and purify my system. Writing this blog will clear the toxins from my body, mind and soul.

black lies matter

My Opinion is Qualified

I am a blogger with a film degree who has been to law school. My professional career provided me with real world experience working in both law and media. Therefore I am well qualified to proffer opinions on these subjects. I have a four year degree in film and a paralegal certificate from UCLA Extension.

BLM is Unconstitutional

It is possible for me to construct a legal argument that BLM is illegal to publicly display. It could be as illegal to display BLM in America as it is to display a swastika in Germany. It all depends on how skillful you are with the law. Perhaps I shall make constructing this argument my new ax to grind. My new blog to bang. BLM is simply unconstitutional.

black lies matter
The bitch wanted to go from friends to fuck in fifty seconds!
It quite possibly may be illegal to broadcast BLM on the public airwaves

The three simple words “black lives matter” are unconstitutional, racist and divisive. It is unconstitutional to demand disparate treatment for a special class of individuals. The Constitution of the United States of America prohibits the exclusionary tactics employed by black Racism. You are witnessing my radicalization thanks to black Lies Matter. Now I am an old man who no longer has to have an employer. So I can write about whatever I want.

After hearing myself share in A.A. last Sunday morning, I have decided to stop talking in Alcoholics Anonymous. So this Sunday morning I just sat there with my dysfunctional mind and enjoyed the silence in my head as I listened to some really beautiful people in-person and on Zoom. It’s called the hybrid format. The last two Sundays after the meeting, I went roaming around downtown L.A. taking photographs. This Sunday I came right home after the meeting because I need to just let it all out in this Big black Bowel Movement Blog.

I am going to stop talking in public and start thinking and writing more. I am not going to speak anywhere except to thank the people in A.A., the grocery checker, the medical dental workers, etc. You get the picture. If the world is still here when I celebrate 18 years of sobriety on January 21, 2022, maybe I will briefly speak in public then.

black lies matter

This is the story of my radicalization to pure constitutionalism. I feel better than I ever have in my life and full of newfound life and energy. I am up for anything. Yesterday an undercover operator of one stripe or another enticed me into becoming “Friends” on Facebook. Then she skipped right to the hustle. After spending approximately ten seconds investigating her I immediately unfriended her before she could hack into my life.

As Wor. Jay Milla said to me, I need to find my calling. I have my personal higher power that I sometimes call God, and now I have my 12 Step in-person meetings to supplement Zoom meetings. I need a hobby or a cause. Perhaps it is politics. I feel like writing a blog about Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Joe Bucaino. This morning my calling is to use law and digital media to discuss how black lies matter, because I can no longer suffer in silence.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.