Real photo that Marcus Dalton adulterated to create his fake gay news.

THE GAY DELUSION: Special treatment of a class of individuals is unconstitutional.

Marcus Keith Dalton is the only conspiracy theorist that I know. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Marcus creates his own conspiracies and posts them on social media. He was the first person to expose me to our reptilian overlords, the Annunaki who live at the center of the Earth. It can get very tiring keeping up with him and so sometimes I play along with him. I told him in a Facebook post that I would write an article on The Gay Delusion. Here it is.

Marcus posted fake Facebook photos leading up to this fraudulent story. Black supremacy is just as wrong as white supremacy. Last night I told Marcus that I would write my regular morning blog about the gay delusion. Here it is. I have been liberated from the homosexual delusion.

gay delusion facebook post
gay delusion facebook post

As the American Embassy in Afghanistan falls to the Taliban, why are the rainbow flag and the black lives matter flag are the only flags flying? This appears unconstitutional. There should be an American flag representing everyone.

If you are not black and you are not gay, are you excluded from this debacle? The gay delusion is being selectively employed to distract the public from what is really important. The Afghan people were not willing to fight for their own country. Does that mean we blame it on gay black America? Help me out here Marcus.

Black supremacy is just as wrong as white supremacy

What does homosexual supremacy or black supremacy have to do with the delusion of American supremacy? Take those flags down at once!

What is the gay delusion?

The gay delusion was created by the ego of man. There is no such thing as a real homosexual. There are only behavioral choices to be made. Homosexuality is an emotional acting out of childhood trauma just like alcoholism is. There is no such thing as being born gay. We are all pure consciousness. Some men prefer having sex with other men. This does not mean that they are a separate homo sexual sub-species of homo sapiens. In my experience so-called “gay” life is not really that “happy.” Having experienced both sides of the street, gay life didn’t make me happy, it made me sad. I tasted it and now I am full.

Photo credit Quino Al/Unsplash
The only time God ever spoke to me in a voice was in the “gay” desert

There used to be a gay bathhouse called Helios at 280 E. Mel Avenue in Palm Springs. Helios had a $5.00 admission special every Wednesday. One Wednesday in 2016, I was getting up to go to Helios. The voice of God said to me, “If you go to that gay bathhouse there is something there for you.” It was an ominous warning. At that time there was an outbreak of bacterial meningitis in the West Hollywood gay scene. There was something bad waiting for me at Helios. The voice of God spoke and I obeyed. I decided not to go to Helios. I have never been to a bathhouse since that day.

From that day on my involvement in gay life petered out. I tasted the wild side and now I am full. Been there, done that. Now I live a life of quiet contemplation and meditation.

Transcending the gay delusion

A month later, Helios went out of business and now 280 E. Mel Avenue is a rehab called Ascension Partners. I have ascended the so-called gay scene. It feels elevated and enlightening. I have been liberated from the gay delusion.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.