Blood Moon

Last night’s super blue blood moon marks the beginning of a new phase in my kundalini transformation. The meaning of the moon is to mark the months. Moon means month. There are thirteen moons in a year and only twelve months in a year because man messed up the math. This is one area where women were ignored. The moon marks the monthly menstrual cycle of woman. There should be 28.4 days in every month and thirteen months in every year.

blood moon woman

The Blood Moon Has Always Been a Part of My Life

Circa 1990 my film making associate Jon Weindorf made a movie with the working title of Blood Moon. My part was associate producer and actor. The script sucked and the movie was mainly a showcase for a camera mount Weindorf invented. Blood Moon was never finished and soon thereafter Jon married a woman from St. Louis, Missouri and relocated to the Midwest. It was a harbinger of my own lackluster film making career. I drifted into the business affairs angle of the racket and they sent me to paralegal school. Jon introduced me to the concepts of the moon’s power & influence, lucanthropy and lunacy in general. 

jon weindorf

Blood Moon 2018

Last night’s blood moon inspired me to clean out my old thought patterns and re-energize my study of Kundalini yoga technology. Now I will meditate the universe to conform to my needs. My penis is huge because of yoga. I have healed intense post-herpetic neuralgia pain. My heart health is incredible. I look and feel great and I would like to find a way to capitalize on all of this. I would like to be as successful with yoga as Yoga West is. I want to take my practice to the next level, whatever that is. 

blood moon ritual beat

Kundalini Kulture

Without a beard and hair my prospects are limited in the Kundalini Kommunity. My beard would be snow white and my bald head with scraggly old man hair would look ridiculous.  I would look eighty years old with hair and a beard and I refuse to do it.