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This body energy blog is for Rev. Michael Beckwith of Agape in Culver City. His office just emailed their acknowledgement of an employment package I sent him nine months ago. I spent a day on a new resume and a day and a half on my cover letter and even invested a whopping $12.00 for the required college transcripts that Agape wanted. I always wonded if they even received it. Now I know.

downloadYesterday Agape sent me an email saying they were setting up my interview for a fund raiser position and asking for a timely response. I immediately emailed the Agape people that when I didn’t hear anything I moved on with my life. Currently I am manifesting the Body of Christ, loaves, fishes, etc. and unavailable for Agape now.

In my email response I said I would write a blog on body energy and green drinks. In my visioning when I talk to Michael Beckwith I market him as a vegetarian green drink guru. Green drinks are good. Here it is Mr. Willard Williams!

body energyIf it tastes good spit it out of your mouth fast because it’s bad for you. –Jack LaLanne

Dear Agape: I have moved on to the Catholic Church and the Free and Accepted Masons, also known as Freemasonry. My pattern in life is to go where the opportunity is. Religious Science is only another mother. The void engenders compassion. Blog early and blog often.

There is an Agape style church down the street from me however it does not sustain by body energy as much as a nice healthy green drink. One of the most important things I learned from the Rev. and Tony Robbins is the importance of the green drink. I usually just buy a half gallon of commercial green drink because it is so much work. 


Green Drink for Energy

Change your habit to green drink. I buy Naked Juice Kale Blazer at the SuperMarket because it is easy. I drink small portions five to six times or more daily, along with a dose of Carlson’s Finest Fish Oil. I am going to go and do it right now. ¬†There I just went and had my little shot of green drink for body energy. Commercial Naked Juice right out of the container just like I said I would. And I got this body energy blog out of it. This is a health blog and a response letter to Agape.


Green Energy Church

Buy a copy of the Agape Green Drink Program today. Agape Green Drink tastes good and it’s good for you. If Jack LaLanne were alive he may even drink it. Or he may not. But you can. You can pop right out to the Quiet Mind Bookstore at 5700 Buckingham Parkway for some Green Energy Drink. Delivery is also available.

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