Full Circle

Mystical Body of Christ

My spiritual practice has come full circle moving into the mystical Body of Christ Consciousness in the desert.  Last weekend I finished my Core Energetics program with emphasis in Wilhelm Reich. I processed, grounded and de-briefed my training with Dr. McDuff, Ann Bradney and Robert Kirby. My body healing modalities learned in Somatic Experiencing and cathartic body work all compliment my service as the Body of Christ.

The body is the mind. The Body of Christ is the Mind of Christ. By releasing and somatic experiencing the mystic enters the body-less state of samadhi. Everything is experienced as pure form. The body is a private universe made for the golden years of spiritual contemplation.

Body of Lies

The same scatalogical inquisitiveness and golden showers of Dr. McDuff no longer interest me now. The gay nudist scene is like intimacy kindergarten. I walk naked through the desert and only God interests me now. Piercing the layers of my learned denial the desert heat conspires to enlighten me. The universe has decided to give me everything and more. This always happens to me. Perfection and the golden silence of blissful solitude. More God than ever before.  Closer than hands and feet in the infinite new body of Radical Aliveness Core Energetics transubstantiation of my body into the full mass multimedia messiah moment. My Body of Christ Moment.

My Body of Christ Moment

In a moment of supreme sexual healing Dr. Allen went off with Danny on an erotic learning moment. Sexual learning outside my bedroom door forever with my own live-in gynecologist faking it as a proctologist and making it as a tantric anal masturbation mentor.  The full radiance of mystical experience circles my beautiful new Body of Christ. When we first met Dr. Allen said he wanted to wash my feet like Christ washed the feet of his disciples to show humility and service.  Dr. Allen also said he wanted to have a Last Supper with me but we never did. Now it is up to me to wash the feet and serve the last supper of the Body of Christ. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.