Bad Cops Offer Good Women $1,500 Per Hour for Bogus Sting


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San Antonio Cops Set Up Bogus Undercover Sting Operation to Get Laid. So where the fuck is mine?














Bogus Undercover Sting Operation in Texas


Women in San Antonio claim they were deceived into having sex with two San Antonio cops who recruited them for a phony prostitution undercover sting operation. San Antonio traffic cops Aaron Alford, Alejandro Chapa and Emmanuel Galindo were arrested Thursday by their own department after a three-month investigation into formal complaints filed by four women. The three men released statements through their respective criminal attorneys. 

The three police officers face a charge of official oppression, aggravated sexual assault and compelling prostitution. Police Sgt. Javier Salazar said the officers were impersonating members of the vice unit and that the investigation they used to trick the women never existed. He said the officers all have less than five years on the force and are represented by attorneys.

The investigation started in Live Oak when a woman called San Antonio police department to report that she was sexually assaulted by a San Antonio cop.


“It was evident something was going on when we started talking to the victims,” A police department attorney said. “In no way did they know they were getting involved in prostitution.”


Women Promised Big Money for Bogus Undercover Sting Operation


According to a signed affidavit, a woman was referred to Chapa and Galindo by Alford and was told that she could make between $45 and $1,500 an hour and up to $5,000 a day if she worked in a undercover sting operation as a police informant. The woman said she was interested. Alford gave her a contact number. When she called the number, an unidentified co-conspirator told her to meet a supposed undercover sting operation officer at a doughnut shop.

There she met a man named “John,” later identified as Galindo, who was not in uniform and did not display his police badge. The woman said that although she felt uncomfortable, she trusted him because Alford, who was her friend, was a police officer and had referred her to “John.”


Undercover Sting Operation Bogus Interview and Skills Testing


“John” said he needed to perform a series of tests to see if she could handle stress, and the two agreed to go to her apartment. The “tests” consisted of her drinking a six-pack of malt liquor and performing various degrading stunts. She was ordered to stand blindfolded in a string bikini, dancing and twerking. She also performed a wet lap dance on Galindo’s erect penis. She deep kissed him, getting totally naked and running across the living room. To get the cop to stop she finally had sexual intercourse with him and he also penetrated her anus with his lubricated nightstick.

Under duress, she also signed a confidentiality contract stating that she could not discuss what occurred or she would be arrested by a federal agent and face ten years in federal prison for obstruction of justice and interfering with a witness during an ongoing investigation.

A week later, the distraught woman attempted to kill herself by overdosing on sleeping pills as a result of the humiliating incident. During the “test” with Galindo, the woman recalled blacking out, noting that he was on top of her having sexual intercourse when she awoke and that she screamed and tried to push him off.

When detectives traced her phone records to the suspects’ phone records, they discovered exchanges between the two rogue cops that indicated that another woman was tested as well.

When investigators reached out to that woman, she said the cops had gone bad. The rogue officers offered her a chance at undercover operative work with federal sting agents.

She told federal investigators that on at least two occasions, she had wanton and depraved sexual intercourse with the officers, against her will. The officers promised to assist her in gaining custody of her siblings and offered to pay for her attorney’s fees.

The woman told police that she was referred to them by a man identified as the manager of a Northwest Side ice house. The ice house manager told investigators that he recruited several more young women. He was promised $500 per person by the rogue police officers. But he said he never received any money from the cops. An employee at the ice house said Thursday that the manager left a month ago on his own.

The manager of a downtown bar known for illegal activity was also offered cash by the officers to recruit vulnerable young women. The manager participated in a fake practice scenario set up by Chapa and Galindo to train two women supposedly for undercover sting operation work. After the training, the two women went to a seedy apartment with Galindo and Chapa, who referred to himself as “Mike.”

One woman said she had sex with Galindo “though she didn’t want this sex to happen.” She performed fellatio because the officers promised to pay her cash for participating in federal undercover sting operation, as well as dismiss a DWI charge pending against her in Travis County, Texas.

At one point the investigating officers searching through Galindo’s computer discovered contracts between him and the women. The contracts listed each woman’s relationship status, bra and garment sizes, and what sex acts they were willing to do. The contracts also listed how good the officers rated each women’s sexual performance.

During a news conference Thursday, San Antonio Police Department interim Chief Anthony Treviño and the department attorney emphasized the importance of having people come forward to authorities in similar circumstances.


“When it’s one of our own, it makes it that much more important having a good relationship with community members,” Treviño said.


Officials said anyone involved in the case as a witness or a victim can contact police at (210) 225-TIPS.

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